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The mission of the Little Tokyo Service Center, a Community Development Corporation, is to meet the critical needs of people and build community.

Members of the Little Tokyo Residents Association.

  • We improve the lives of individuals and families through culturally sensitive social services.
• We strengthen neighborhoods through housing and community development.
• We promote the rich heritage of the ethnic community.

Yasuko Sakamoto, Bill Watanabe, and Evelyn YoshimuraLittle Tokyo Service Center, a Community Development Corporation, was established as the Little Tokyo Service Center in 1979 by representatives of various Japanese American groups who wanted to form a multipurpose social service center. Little Tokyo Service Center aimed to provide linguistically and culturally sensitive social services to the Little Tokyo community and the broader Japanese American community in the Southland.

Over the years, Little Tokyo Service Center grew as it responded to pressing community needs. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Center began advocating for the housing rights of low-income residents who were being evicted to make way for private redevelopment. Out of this struggle was born the Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation, which was established as a subsidiary of Little Tokyo Service Center in 1994. Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation focused on community redevelopment, affordable housing, and revitalization of Little Tokyo, while Little Tokyo Service Center continued to provide social services to those in need.

Little Tokyo Service Center and Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation officially merged in 2004 as Little Tokyo Service Center, a Community Development Corporation. The consolidation of the two organizations allows for streamlined administration and governance, as well as the ability to holistically serve our community through the provision of social services and community development services under one roof.


For over 29 years, the Little Tokyo Service Center, a Community Development Corporation (LTSC CDC), has been an important resource for the residents of a diverse community. Founded in 1979, LTSC CDC is a nonprofit charitable organization serving Asian and Pacific Islanders throughout Los Angeles County who are in need, especially those facing language or cultural gaps, financial need, or physical disabilities.

Helping People . . . 

Currently, LTSC CDC sponsors over a dozen different community and social service programs, with over 100 paid staff persons and hundreds of volunteers to provide competent and compassionate services in at least seven different languages as well as Spanish and English. Services include individual and family counseling, support groups, transportation and translation services, an emergency caregiver program, student help lines, crisis hotlines, and consumer education.

Photo of 1st StreetBuilding Community . . .

LTSC CDC is also the sponsor of several major community development projects in the Los Angeles area. We have completed over 300 apartments, over 100,000 square feet of community space (such as childcare centers), and have developed over $100 million in community-serving nonprofit real estate projects