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Founded in 1979, the Little Tokyo Service Center, a Community Development Corporation (LTSC CDC), has been an important resource for the residents of a diverse community. LTSC CDC is a nonprofit charitable organization serving Asian and Pacific Islanders throughout Los Angeles County who are in need, especially those facing language or cultural gaps, financial need, or physical disabilities.

Helping People . . .  Helping People

Currently, LTSC CDC sponsors over a dozen different community and social service programs, with over 100 paid staff persons and hundreds of volunteers to provide competent and compassionate services in many languages. Services include individual and family mental health counseling, child abuse prevention, case management, support groups, senior services, childcare, preschool, after-school youth programs, and domestic violence programs.  LTSC CDC is also working with the community to create a Sustainable Little Tokyo.

Building CommunityBuilding Community . . .

LTSC CDC collaborates with other nonprofit, community-based organizations to help them build multifamily affordable housing projects that serve their communities, and increase the capacity of the organizations to engage in broad neighborhood-based community building work including affordable housing. Through these collaborations, LTSC CDC has partnered with over 15 community-based organizations and has completed 22 projects with 800 units of affordable housing and approximately 125,000 square feet of community facility space. LTSC CDC has developed more than $200 million in community-serving nonprofit real estate projects.