Affordable Housing

LTSC’s Real Estate Development Program has two main areas of activity: 1) Little Tokyo Real Estate Development Projects and 2) the Affordable Housing Collaborative.

Little Tokyo

Far East Lounge imageSince 1993, LTSC has built affordable housing, community facilities and commercial space in Little Tokyo, a small neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles located between Skid Row, the Arts District and the Civic Center. Little Tokyo is our primary service area – both in terms of economic/community revitalization activities and the provision of social services.

We have developed multiple projects in Little Tokyo including the Far East Building, a rehabilitation of a red-tagged historic building into 16 units of affordable housing and two commercial storefronts, the San Pedro Firm Building, a 1923 building threatened with demolition by the City that now provides 42 units of affordable housing to low-income seniors, and Casa Heiwa which provides100 units of affordable housing for both seniors and young families.

Affordable Housing Collaborative

LTSC’s Affordable Housing Collaborative works with other nonprofit, community-based organizations to (1) help such organizations build multifamily affordable housing projects that serve their communities, and (2) increase the capacity of the organizations to engage in broad neighborhood-based community building work including affordable housing. Through the Collaborative, LTSC has partnered with over 15 community-based organizations and such assistance has led to the completion of 22 projects, 950 units of affordable housing with another 80 in the pipeline, and approximately 125,000 square feet of community facility space. LTSC helps its partners develop the project plan, secure funding and, if necessary, provide asset management once the project is complete.

Our partners include the Asian Pacific Family Center, Center for the Pacific Asian Family, Chinatown Service Center, Coalition for Responsible Community Development, Korean Resource Center, Koreatown Youth and Community Center, Pilipino Worker's Center, Thai Community Development Center and Korean Immigrant Workers Alliance, South Central Health and Rehabilitation Program, United Methodist Church.

The affordable housing we have developed through the Housing Collaborative includes a broad range of housing types, including large multifamily housing projects, housing for seniors, a group home for developmentally disabled adults, transitional shelters for domestic violence survivors, and supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals.

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