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Far East Lounge

Welcome to "Far East Lounge" in the Heart of Little Tokyo!

The Far East Lounge is a gathering place for seniors and others! Located in the historic Far East Building at 353 East First Street, it's a multi-purpose gathering place for "hanging out," relaxing, and meeting interesting people of all ages. Come and watch your favorite shows on high-definition television or see movies Far East Lounge imageon a large projection screen. Far East Lounge is a project of Little Tokyo Service Center.

If hanging out, sipping coffee or tea, watching people walking through Little Tokyo, is not "your thing," come to take arts & crafts lessons, learn to speak another language (English, Japanese, Korean, etc.), or keep your mind active by learning computer skills, photography, video and other activities.

We're never too old to learn something new! At the Far East Lounge, there will also be workshops on Caregiving Stress, Social Security & Medicare, Memory Retention, Scams Against Elders, and lots of other topics.


Social Worker Working with Clients.Little Tokyo Service Center has a staff of more than a dozen experienced social workers who assist senior citizens and low-income residents of Little Tokyo and surrounding areas, as well as people of all ages in the broader Japanese American community throughout Los Angeles County. The services include help with Social Security, Medicare and Medi-Cal, as well as information & referral, counseling and case management services. In addition to English and Japanese, the other languages spoken include Korean, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Social worker working with senior client.In 1979, when LTSC opened its doors, the primary activity was providing social services to the Issei (Japanese-speaking first generation immigrants) who needed help in dealing with the activities of daily living, and in navigating often complicated systems of government services. Limited English proficiency was a major barriers in a wide range of activities, from transportation, to paying utility bills and to obtaining earned government benefits.

Over the years, as the community changed, LTSC made changes to live up to its goal of helping people and building community through meeting the unmet needs of all who needed assistance. We continue to assist the Japanese-speaking elderly, but also assist the growing number of Korean seniors in Little Tokyo.


LTSC conducts outreach and education to increase awareness mental health services by Japanese and Japanese American families and individuals when they are needed. A part of that work involves overcoming social stigma and developing an awareness of tools and resources for counseling, support groups and educational workshops. Our counselors provide culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services to the Japanese American community throughout Southern California and uses a variety of therapies that cut through cultural barriers to understanding.

Services are provided on a sliding scale that allows everyone, regardless of income, to receive counseling. In addition to direct services, LTSC also sponsors educational seminars for the general population and service providers.

Support Groups

Koala ClubSupport groups provide a place for participants to exchange not only helpful information but also share life experiences that encourage each other in their struggles. Most of these support groups are facilitated by social workers.


Because raising children in the United States presents unique challenges to Japanese speaking mothers, Little Tokyo Service Center holds a parenting support group called Koala Club. The mothers, along with their children, meet twice a month to socialize and interact with each other. Making new friends and building a support network is a significant aspect of the group because many of them are recent immigrants from Japan and often feel isolated having left family and friends behind.

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