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Domestic Violence

Japanese Domestic Violence (DV) Victims Support Program

In cooperation with the Japanese Government, LTSC provides special services to Japanese nationals who are victims of DV through services such as:

  • Information and referral(Where can I get help?)
  • Education of DV(What is DV?)
  • Housing information (emergency shelter and transitional shelter)
  • Assistance to create a safety plan(what and how to prepare)
  • Legal referrals (can include help with immigration status)
  • Counseling and case management (can include help applying for public benefits)

Kosumosu Transitional Housing

Kosumosu opened in January of 2003 to provide transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. In addition to a physically and emotionally safe environment, residents also receive job counseling, financial management, counseling and more. Residents become empowered to rebuild new, healthier lives through living together and supporting each other. Services are provided in English, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese.