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Welcome to "Far East Lounge" in the Heart of Little Tokyo!

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The Far East Lounge is a gathering place for seniors and others! Located in the historic Far East Building at 353 East First Street, it's a multi-purpose gathering place for "hanging out," relaxing, and meeting interesting people of all ages. Come and watch your favorite shows on high-definition television or see movies Far East Lounge imageon a large projection screen. Far East Lounge is a project of Little Tokyo Service Center.

If hanging out, sipping coffee or tea, watching people walking through Little Tokyo, is not "your thing," come to take arts & crafts lessons, learn to speak another language (English, Japanese, Korean, etc.), or keep your mind active by learning computer skills, photography, video and other activities.

We're never too old to learn something new! At the Far East Lounge, there will also be workshops on Caregiving Stress, Social Security & Medicare, Memory Retention, Scams Against Elders, and lots of other topics.

We will encourage and help you learn physical exercises that are right for you: Yoga, Tai-chi, Wii, walking, etc. We promote a positive atmosphere and lifestyle.

Senior residents of Casa Heiwa apartments have been getting together lately. "The best thing about getting together is being able to socialize with each other," said Henry Ito. "Even though we don't all speak the same language, we've learned to get along well and become friends," added Kuan Mui Cheung.

All of the activities will be organized by age-group as well as interest. And we encourage people to become volunteers at the Lounge, keeping the doors open, looking after one another, teaching classes. When there is enough interest in an activity and when we can identify someone to teach or lead an activity, Far East Lounge is the place to do it.

In the evenings, the space will be available to community groups (use fees may apply) for karaoke, business meetings, exhibits, rehearsals, etc. We are planning lots of "special events" as well.

Future plans include the Mottainai Thrift Shop section of the Lounge where vintage clothing, art, collectibles and knick-knacks will be sold.

What Can I Do To Help? 213-621-4158 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Be a sponsor or contributor. Be our angel.
  • Be a promoter, supporter and word-spreader about the Lounge.
  • Donate cash money. Or give us arts & crafts supplies, food items and more (tell us what you have)
  • Give us your ideas, lend us your skills, become an "owner" of Far East Lounge.

How Do I Get Involved? 213-621-4158 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Be a Lounger . . . come by and hang out with us. [hours to be determined]
  • Be a volunteer, instructor or space manager
  • Be an organizer of fun activities for seniors or others
  • Rent the space for your community activities and meetings

Far East Lounge emphasizes senior-oriented activities, but no matter your age, it is your community space! [Our plan is to work up to being a full-time operation, but in the beginning, we will open only as much as volunteer staffing will allow.]

FEL Coordinator: Izumi Harry / a project of LTSC Social Service Department