In 1979, when LTSC opened its doors, the primary activity was providing social services to the Issei (Japanese-speaking first generation immigrants) who needed help in dealing with the activities of daily living, and in navigating often complicated systems of government services. Limited English proficiency was a major barriers in a wide range of activities, from transportation, to paying utility bills and to obtaining earned government benefits.

Over the years, as the community changed, LTSC made changes to live up to its goal of helping people and building community through meeting the unmet needs of all who needed assistance. We continue to assist the Japanese-speaking elderly, but also assist the growing number of Korean seniors in Little Tokyo.

As “baby boomers” begin to reach age 65, LTSC addresses the needs of Nisei and Sansei seniors throughout Los Angeles. The need for Caregiver Training workshops and individualized caregiver education and support continues to grow. At the same time, many capable, talented and experienced seniors are retiring in greater numbers and are becoming a potential resource to take part in community service activities.

LTSC seeks partnerships not only with other Japanese community centers and institutions, but collaborations with other Asian and Pacific Islander organizations and neighborhood groups.