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Budokan of Los Angeles

This video was made to help promote and raise funds for the Budokan of Los Angeles campaign. The project is a multi-purpose recreational facility that is going to be built in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Currently in progress is a $23 million fundraising campaign to cover the costs of construction. Please visit the Budokan of Los Angeles website to find out more information.

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

In October 2013, the Little Tokyo Service Center – with support from Citi Community Development – launched a new initiative to inform Asian American/Pacific Islander seniors and their caregivers about ways to avoid financial scams that target the elderly. Citi North America CEO Bill Mills and Representative Maxine Waters of California's 43rd congressional district delivered remarks and launched the program, which was attended by nearly 300 people and presented in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Little Tokyo Service Center program on preventing elder financial fraud and abuse - http://on.citi.us/LTSC

The Far East Lounge

Far East Lounge is an exciting new project of LTSC's Social Service Department. Located in the heart of Little Tokyo under the neon "Chop Suey" sign, the space offers enjoyable and informative classes and other activities for seniors and othes.

View the video to see what we're talking about. Then definitely stop by when you can. Become a part of what's happening at Far East Lounge. Stay active. Stay healthy. Make new friends! Learn new skills!

Depression: When the Heart Catches a Cold

Mental health issues, such as depression, are always difficult to talk about. In Japanese culture, people tend to "gaman" when feeling down. Even among American-born Nikkei, people feel "hazukashii" or ashamed to talk about problems. LTSC's Social Services Department tries to address this through culturally appropriate counseling and community education. We were very fortunate to have a former client who was willing to share her story, and funding from the Archstone Foundation last year to produce a video. Many volunteers and staff were involved in creating this video, and we're happy to finally be able to share it.