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Little Tokyo Service Center News - November 2012

Announcements! Announcements!

Announcements You’ve probably already heard the news, but the staff here at the “LTSCene” wanted to officially announce that as of July 2012 Dean Matsubayashi is Little Tokyo Service Center’s new Executive Director. 
Welcome Dean! We are glad you are here and we look forward to many successful years ahead.
Dean Matsubayashi

3 quick facts about Dean
1.  Dean has been with LTSC for 15 years
2.  Dean was LTSC’s Director of Community and Economic Development for six years
3.  Dean and his wife have two kids and live in Silver Lake

How Your Support Makes a Difference

On the outskirts of L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown, you’ll find a community’s own well-loved Filipino barbeque restaurant called, “The Park’s Finest BBQ.”

Growing up, Johneric Concordia and friend Oscar Bautista were labeled as “at risk youth.” With violent gang culture between different ethnic groups and frequent riots in their neighborhood during the late 1980s and early 1990s, the two future business partners turned to an after school program for support at Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA); which, unknowingly, would be the starting point on the path to where they are now.

Parks Finest

A few years later, Johneric and Oscar came back to SIPA, a collaborative partner of the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program (API SBP), this time for support in another dream of theirs that would later benefit the community—to open a Filipino barbeque restaurant.

They had attended API SBP’s Entrepreneur Training Program (ETP), a series of classroom courses that helps potential business owners learn the fundamentals of starting any business. Johneric also worked with an API SBP business counselor who advised him on how to structure his business plan, find investor capital and acquire business licensing, among other things. With API SBP’s guidance, Johneric raised nearly $12,000 in investor capital from friends, family and community members to acquire his equipment and operational needs in just 4 months time. After operating successfully as a catering business for a few years and armed with his background in community organizing, the support of his family and friends and that of SIPA & API SBP—Johneric opened the brick and mortar location of The Park’s Finest BBQ restaurant on January 2012.

Help LTSC Make a Difference

The Park’s Finest is rated #1 for BBQ on Los Angeles Yelp!

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Benefiting the Budokan of Los Angeles

Poker ChipsWhen: November 4, 2012
Time: 11am (Registration and Lunch)
12pm (Shuffle and Deal)
Where: Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood, CA
Buy-In: $100 (Re-buys $25)

Register at:

Did You Know

The 2012 LTSC Annual Report is available online! Click here to download a full copy!

2012 Annual Report Cover

Yes on Prop 30

Prop 30 Proposition 30 is a way for Californians to help fix the state's ongoing budget problems.

Year after year, Californians have seen cuts to our basic state programs - public education has been especially hard hit, along with childcare, health care, services for seniors, and housing. At the same time more and more Californians are slipping into poverty, finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, let alone paying for rising college tuitions. Proposition 30 asks all of us, especially the most well-off Californians, to contribute more over the next few years to keep our much-needed programs in place.

Proposition 30 will raise up to $9 billion for the state budget, avoiding massive cuts to education and other programs. In addition, it will amend the state constitution to lock in funds and responsibilities for local government public safety services, making local government more stable for the future.

• State income tax will increase, but only for the top income earners making over $250,000, for the next 7 years
• State sales tax will increase from 7.25 to 7.5% for the next 4 years (most foods at grocery stores and rent are excluded from sales tax) – this would add one penny to a $4.00 purchase
• Funding is guaranteed for local County services including public safety, adult parole, mental health, foster care, child welfare, and substance abuse

What happens if Proposition 30 doesn't pass?

• $5.5 billion in new cuts to K-12 and community colleges - meaning fewer school days, increased class sizes, staffing and class cuts
• $250 million in new cuts each to UC and CSU systems - meaning even more tuition hikes
• Further elimination of adult education
• Ripple effects resulting in reduction in health care services for low income seniors, disabled adults, and pregnant women

A3M Event Rundown

Thank you for supporting Starnite, A3M’s recent fundraising event. Everyone enjoyed the evening, and praised the staff and volunteers who were hard at work.

Be the One RunOne event down, two more to go. A3M is one of the co-hosts for the Be The One Run on Saturday, November 17th at Shoreline Village, in Long Beach. It will be a 5K run, 1K run/walk, and a tot trot for kids. Join us as we walk and run to give patients a second chance at life. Go to to join the A3M team, or you can form your own team.

On the evening of November 17th, at the Orange County Buddhist Church, OCO, Orange Coast Optimist, presents “Dancing for Miracles”, a dance featuring the band “Kokoro”. The proceeds from the dance will be donated to A3M and we thank OCO for their continued support. For more info:

Rose Hills Foundation Support Family Literacy

Mom and Girl

LTSC received a grant from The Rose Hills Foundation to support our Family Literacy program. This grant will support LTSC as we continue to help parents recognize their role as the primary teachers of their children. Our Family Literacy program develops literacy skills in children ages preschool to 5 years old in partnership with their parents. We give parents the tools they need to help their children learn and also achieve their own personal goals. We provide full day preschool, provide parent education classes, facilitate intergenerational literacy activities and offer adult education classes.

LTSC thanks The Rose Hills Foundation for its support of our efforts to meet the literacy needs of the community.

OHANA: Celebrating Community at the JACCC on Saturday, November 24, 2012


LTSC is proud to be an Ohana community partner with the JACCC for this event. See you there! For more information click here.

October Donors – Thank You for Your Support!

Ryan Asato
Kathleen & Dan Fujimoto
Judy Fukuda
Lisa & Warren Furutani
Tsugio Hiji
Kiyoko Isomoto
Akiko Iwohara
Miyako Kadogawa
Mark Kawauchi
Sumiko Kirk
Yoshikazu & Aiko Kobayashi
Reiko Koyama
Walt & Machiko Kuida
Chin Lee
Gary & June Masada
Kathy & Mark Masaoka
Grace & Tak Murase
Miye Nakamura
Richard Nakamura
Tad Nakashima
Natalie Nakatani
Suzuko & Takashi Oda
Masao & Kaeko Okamoto
Dean Okamura
Yumiko & Fred Ong
Charlene & Mo Ono

Shu-Shu Perugino
Sanbo Sakaguchi

Jane & Stanley Shimotsu
Donald Spivack
Derick Tagawa
Yoshiko Takai
Sumiko & Hayahiko Takase
Julia Takeda
Frank & Mable Takenaka
Alan Terakawa
Glenn Togawa
Kaz & Cynthia Uemura
Allyne Winderman
Gary Yamauchi
David Yoo
Mark Yoshida
Ruth Yoshimizu

In Memory of Hirotaka Okubo
Yukino Harada

In Memory of Judy Ota
Kazuo Ota

In-kind Donations
Toshiko & Toshio Handa

Increase Your Impact with Corporate Matching Gifts

Your company may be one of thousands that “match” employee charitable contributions with corporate dollars.  Ask your HR department about your company’s matching gift policy.  Visit our website by clicking here or contact / (213) 473-1613 for more information.

In-Kind Wish List

file cabinet
5-DRAWER LETTER-SIZE FULL-SUSPENSION FILE CABINETS WITH LOCKS (10 cabinets), ideally some that can be keyed-alike. Preferably "HON" or other similar brands.

Handheld small vacuum cleaner

Please contact Emily Weaver at or (213) 473-1613.

Donate Your Old Car
Cars for a Cause
Image courtesy of

Did you know…

We accept vehicles in almost any condition

We can arrange for pick-up almost anywhere in the U.S.

Recycling your car saves energy and natural resources

Donating is a convenient alternative to selling or trading

Many people contribute more through a vehicle donation than they can give in cash

Call (213) 473-1613 or e-mail to donate today!

Ways to Help LTSC

In making a donation to LTSC, you can:

  • Make a donation in memory of a loved one
• Make a donation in honor of someone’s birthday or graduation
• Make a stock donation
• Host a fundraiser to benefit LTSC

Donate Online, over the phone or via traditional mail.
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