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A Crucial Chance to Alleviate Homelessness: Yes on Measure ULA

vote yes on measure ULA

A Crucial Chance to Alleviate Homelessness: Yes on Measure ULA

Homelessness, LA’s most urgent crisis, is still on the rise. This November Angelenos have the chance to vote yes on Measure ULA, generating crucial funds for affordable housing and protection for low-income families and seniors.

This is why LTSC is proudly supporting Measure ULA on the November ballot.

What is Measure ULA and how does it work?

  • The idea is simple: a tiny tax on mega mansions that will generate the funding needed to reduce homelessness and protect low-income families and seniors. Measure ULA (a citizen-led initiative crafted by homelessness and housing experts) would impose a one-time tax on real estate that sells for more than $5 million in the City of Los Angeles (only affecting about 4% of real estate transactions in a given year) and invest it back into our communities.
  • Measure ULA could raise over $900 million annually. Currently, the City of Los Angeles raises an average of only $207 million per year which is added to the General Fund–not earmarked for housing.
  • Measure ULA funds would be dedicated to constructing new affordable housing, preserving existing lower-cost housing, providing rent relief for households facing eviction, offering income support to rent-burdened seniors, providing legal counsel for tenants facing eviction, and educating landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Why should you vote YES?

  • Measure ULA will create the largest investment in affordable housing in the city’s history, and will generate the funding we need to reduce homelessness, immediately provide housing for people living on the streets, send emergency assistance to vulnerable tenants including low-income seniors in danger of becoming homeless, and provide legal aid to renters.
  • Measure ULA will provide an ongoing stream of funding for these needs – not just a one time fund.
  • Measure ULA will create over 26,000 affordable units, assist 176,000 Angelenos each year, and create 43,000 good paying construction jobs over the next decade.
  • Your vote can create crucial change in LA’s fight to end homelessness.

How you can help:

  • Vote “YES” on Measure ULA in the November election and encourage your friends and family in the City of LA to do the same.
  • Sign up for canvassing or phone banking for Measure ULA.
  • Follow United to House LA on social media (FB, IG or Twitter) and share their content with your networks.
  • Have your organization join more than 150 organizations endorsing Measure ULA.

Support for Measure ULA:

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