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The mission of Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) is to provide a comprehensive array of social welfare and community development services to assist low income individuals and other persons in need, contribute to community revitalization and cultural preservation in Little Tokyo and among the broader Japanese community in the Southland, and to provide such resources to neighboring Asian Pacific Islander and other low income communities.


history-imgFounded in 1979 and incorporated in 1980 by a group of Japanese Americans activists who wanted to form a multipurpose social service center, Little Tokyo Service Center aimed to provide linguistically and culturally sensitive social services to the Little Tokyo community and the broader Japanese American community in Southern California.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, LTSC began advocating for the housing rights of low-income residents who were being evicted to make way for private development. Out of this struggle, the community development arm of LTSC was formed in 1994.

Today, our focus is to promote community control and self-determination in Little Tokyo and with our partners while continuing to provide social services to those in need.


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Staff and Volunteers

Staff volunteers for ltsc social service event


LTSC Erich Nakano Headshot image

Erich Nakano

Executive Director

LTSC Takao Suzuki Headshot image

Takao Suzuki

Director of Community Development

LTSC Bomee Kim Fain Headshot image

Bomee Kim Fain

Director of Finance

Margaret Shimada headshot image for LTSC

Margaret Endo Shimada

Director of Service Programs

LTSC Grant Sunoo Headshot Image

Grant Sunoo

Director of Community Building and Engagement

portrait of sharon

Sharon Kamegai Cocita

Director of Development and Communications

Dick Kaku


David Mitani

Vice President

Edwin Takahashi


Claire Kitayama


Alan Nishio

Chair, Board of Governors

Trisha Murakawa

Executive Board Member

Miguel Nunez

Executive Board Member

Kelly Takasu

Executive Board Member

Jessica Chang

Executive Board Member

Jeffry Yonemura

Executive Board Member

Akemi Arakaki

Dennis Arguelles

Kelsey Iino

Kirk Sasaki

Mark Usui

Jeff Schaffer

George Tanaka

Keith Terasaki

Kira Conlon

Karen Umemoto


David Uyehara


Maria Cabildo 

Kathy Masaoka


Chris Aihara

Betty Avila

Bibi Rosalia

Alan Nishio


Sakaye Aratani

Jerry Fukui

Warren Furutani

Tomio Ito

Nancy Lu

Andy Nakano

Gilbert Nishimura

Chris Pak

Jan Perry

Myung-Soo Seok

Stephen Suzuki

Marie Tan

Bill Watanabe

Janet Yamamoto

Dean Matsubayashi, Executive Director 2012-2019


LTSC provides fiscal sponsorship to a group of affiliated programs that advance LTSC’s mission through their important work.

Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Collaborative

Alliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles

Japanese Speaking Parents of Children with Challenges

Nikkei Helpline


Ryugakusei Hotline

Tuesday Night Project


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