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Budokan Summer Camps are Back!

wyatt mio running with basketball

Youth summer camps are back at Terasaki Budokan and you don’t want to miss out on the fun!

The Mio family had two boys attend last year’s summer camp and they can’t wait to come back. “I liked going to the Budokan! It was fun and I got to meet new people and learned new basketball skills. I liked playing with my new friends and eating our snacks together. I want to go again because I loved it. The coaches were really nice and they taught us well” said Wyatt Mio.

The summer camp also gave the Mio family an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the community and experience Little Tokyo together. “Having the gym in Little Tokyo is awesome. Before, when we’d go to J Town, it was always quick. We’d stop by on our way to a Dodger game or a Clippers game to eat. But with the camps, we actually stayed in J-Town that whole week,” explained Mike Mio.

“I just wanted our kids to be immersed in [Japanese American] culture as much as possible. Since we live in Orange County now, the Budokan basketball camp was a great way for us to show that to our kids,” added Cheryl Mio. “It’s important for our boys to experience JA culture, to be involved in it and to keep it going. They’re the next generation so we want them to appreciate it and know what it’s all about.”

We’re excited to invite families back to Budokan for 4 weeks of summer camps from June 24 to July 15, with each week highlighting a different sport (basketball, judo, karate and volleyball). The camp is designed to fit all ages and levels of play and will cover basic skills for each sport while incorporating fun and creative activities throughout the day.

Last year’s inaugural camps were a success, connecting 50+ campers from all over Southern California back to Little Tokyo. Register today by visiting: www.terasakibudokan.org/summercamp

Terasaki Budokan basketball camp group shot

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