Terasaki Budokan After-School Program

LTSC is now offering a free after-school program for youth ages six to eighteen at Terasaki Budokan. A community project of LTSC, Terasaki Budokan provides a facility in Downtown Los Angeles for youth, families and seniors for sports, community activities, and connections between Japanese American culture and the Little Tokyo neighborhood.

The after-school program at Terasaki Budokan is Monday through Friday from 2:30-5:30 p.m. and supports the physical, emotional and social health of youth in Little Tokyo and neighboring communities. The program provides a safe environment with opportunities for academic enrichment, physical activity, and community engagement.

What to expect from the Terasaki Budokan after-school program:

    • Academic enrichment
    • Physical activity and healthy eating
    • Social and emotional learning
    • Community engagement

By providing a safe, supportive community amongst other students, volunteers and LTSC/Budokan staff, LTSC strives for students to receive the resources and mentorship needed to excel in academics and their personal lives. LTSC hopes for students to become empowered and make informed decisions about their physical, emotional, and mental health, along with understanding the connection between their well-being and the strength of their communities.

Along with academic success, we want students in this after-school program to see themselves as active members in society with the capacity to make a positive change in their neighborhoods.

To learn more about enrolling your child for the 2020-21 school year, contact Youth Services Coordinator Lupe Limón Corrales at glimon@ltsc.org or (213) 473-1689.