Job Title: Caregiver Specialist

Status: Full-time salaried

Salary: DOE

Position Summary: 

The Caregiver Specialist assists older adults to enhance the quality of their lives so they can maintain their independence, dignity, and live at home and provide support to those caregivers. He/she does this by overseeing the Care Provider Registry Program and directly providing integrated social and mental health services in a team environment.

The Caregiver Specialist will provide case management and mental health services to older adults and their families or other informal caregivers. As a professional social worker, he/she will maintain superior social work standards, practices and ethical conduct, and must be able to work with seniors and their families in an empathetic and caring manner. He/she must possess a wide range of clinical and leadership skills and attributes, and a willingness to learn. He/she must be able to work with a diverse staff and programs, as well as be flexible and take initiative when appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinate programs and activities to support Japanese/ Japanese American informal caregivers of elderly, disabled and/or dependent community members.

  • work with staff and volunteers to develop and maintain a registry of screened and trained persons available to provide in-home care and respite;
  • convene regular team meetings to train and support staff and volunteers involved in maintaining a registry of in-home care providers;
  • facilitate caregiver support groups which includes outreach and necessary preparations and submission of reports in a timely manner;
  • provide care management to caregivers which includes intake, assessments, care planning, referrals, and necessary advocacy and counseling services;
  • educate families and informal caregivers about available support, benefits, community resources, application procedures and wellness topics through one-on-one, group interactions, and/or use of technology and social media;
  • establish relationships with service providers, and agencies for referrals and ongoing service management;
  • create and maintain an organized system for care provider requests, recruited care providers, referrals, and matching services;
  • follow up with care recipients/family/informal support to assure quality services are provided through a match made from the registry;
  • coordinate workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences to educate and train caregivers and community members;
  • conduct outreach by developing relationships with various communities and groups throughout Los Angeles to conduct trainings, recruit potential care providers to the registry, and outreach to older adults and their family members for caregiver support and resources;

Provide care management and counseling services to older adults and those at a greater risk due to more intensive mental health needs.

  • perform assessments to identify clients’ existing support systems, and current and future needs;
  • conduct intake sessions, assessing needs of clients and developing care plans and/or treatment plans and deliver culturally linguistically appropriate services accordingly;
  • connect clients to relevant resources and assist them with accessing benefits and programs;
  • facilitate individual and family session to help clients develop coping skills;
  • record progress notes and keep appropriate back-up documentation and files current in a web-based tracking system and submit all intake/assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes required by the funder in a timely manner;
  • attend required trainings and meetings;

Contribute to the day-to-day operations of the Social Services Department.

  • screen and respond to walk-in, phone, mail and email inquiries, and provide appropriate referrals;
  • provide technical assistance to agencies and individuals seeking information regarding low-income and culturally diverse populations;
  • perform administrative duties, including inputting service data, submitting check requests
    and other paperwork in a timely manner and filing, and help maintain office equipment,
    supplies, etc.;
  • interpret and translate information and documents as assigned by supervisor;
  • research resources, information and data for relevant presentations, reports and grant
  • contribute to the ongoing learning of staff by sharing information and identifying training
  • assist with coordinating and/or facilitating staff meetings;
  • attend meetings and participate in conferences, etc. to be trained and to train others;
  • stay abreast of issues in the field of aging and give input on matters related to the
    agency mission;
  • advocate for the needs and concerns of elderly, low-income and ethnic minority

Contribute, as deemed necessary and appropriate, to other activities related to the agency as a whole.

Qualifications and Experiences:

  • Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work or related field;
  • Bilingual in English AND Japanese;
  • Minimum of two years of social service experience;
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of community services in the area, with particular knowledge of services for elderly and ethnic minority populations;
  • Knowledge of, preferably certification in, Evidence-Based Practices in mental health;
  • Strong office management and organizational skills;
  • Initiative and ability to work both independently and in teams, good people skills,
    dispute-resolution skills, and ability to manage multiple projects effectively;
  • Experience with or knowledge of Japanese American and Asian American communities
  • Experience in nonprofit and community service organization is preferred;
  • Good problem-solving, writing and oral communication skills;
  • Working knowledge of computer programs;
  • California driver license and access to an insured automobile.

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