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Enrolling Children from Essential Worker Families in FREE Emergency Childcare

LTSC’s Family Child Care program and Angelina Preschool are enrolling now! Qualifying essential workers will receive FREE temporary childcare. Children ages 0-3 may qualify for Family Child Care. Children ages 3-5 may qualify for Angelina Preschool. 

Step 1: Do you qualify? Children of essential workers are now eligible to enroll in subsidized Emergency Childcare, subject to capacity, if all of the following apply:

    1. The family works as an essential worker as defined below. If the family includes a two-parent household, both parents/caregivers must either be essential workers or the other parent must be unable to provide care for the child due to incapacitation.
      • Essential Worker Priority 1: Healthcare/Public Health and Emergency Service sectors
      • Essential Worker Priority 2: Food and Agriculture, Teachers, education staff, and providers of early learning and care services including custodial, kitchen staff, and other support staff, Workers supporting critical infrastructure, State and local government workers, Communications and Information Technology IT, Energy, Transportation and Logistics, Critical Manufacturing, Hazardous Materials, Financial Services, and Chemical sectors
      • Essential Worker Priority 3: All other fields listed on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers document, located at https://covid19.ca.gov/img/EssentialCriticalInfrastructureWorkers.pdf
    1. The family requires childcare to perform their essential work
    2. The family is not able to complete their work remotely
    3. The family assets do not exceed $1,000,000

Step 2: Download and complete these enrollment forms:

Step 3: Email* your enrollment forms to Nicole Lopez, Child Development Department Director, at NLopez@LTSC.org. 

Enrollment in emergency childcare is temporary until June 30, 2020, pending changes by the Dept. of Education.

Questions about enrollment and eligibility for Angelina Preschool and the Family Child Care Network?  Contact us here or call Adriana Perez at (213) 481-0227.

*The Department of Education states: “To enroll the children of essential workers in an expeditious manner, contractors shall allow for the use of digital signatures, and electronic submission of applications, including supporting documentation, if at all possible. To the extent possible, applications should be reviewed and the family should be certified for Emergency Childcare immediately. Families can be notified of their certification electronically to expedite the process.”