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LTSC’s Family Child Care program and Angelina Preschool are enrolling now! Children ages 0-3 may qualify for Family Child Care. Children ages 3-5 may qualify for Angelina Preschool.

How to Enroll:

Step 1:  opens in a new windowFill out this form to start the enrollment process   ( opens in a new windowEspañol)

Step 2: Once we receive your enrollment form, we will contact you to set up an appointment

Step 3: Make sure you bring these items for your enrollment appointment*

→  Required forms:

opens in a new window•  LIC613Aopens PDF file (Personal Rights)

opens in a new window•  LIC627opens PDF file (Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment)

opens in a new window•  LIC701opens PDF file  (Physician’s Report – Child Care Centers)

opens in a new window•  LIC995 Centeropens PDF file (Child Care Center – Parent’s Rights)

opens in a new window•  LIC702opens PDF file  (Child’s Pre-Admission Health History)

opens in a new window•  LIC995A FCCopens PDF file  (FCC – Parent’s Rights)

→  Copy of most recent paycheck stubs

→  Welfare Notice of Action for food stamps, cash aid, SSI notice, and Child Support


*Some items may not apply to everyone. Incomplete forms will be returned.

Questions about enrollment and eligibility for Angelina Preschool and the Family Child Care Network? opens in a new window Contact us here.

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