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Am I still at risk for COVID-19 even if I have received the 3 COVID-19 immunization doses?

— The chances of contracting COVID-19 with severe symptoms are lower following vaccinations. However, breakthrough infections of Covid-19 have also been noted in individuals that are fully vaccinated. In addition to receiving the 3 doses of the vaccine, practicing social distancing and wearing masks will minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 overall.

What do I do if I lost my vaccine card?

Contact the place where you received the vaccine, whether that was at a local pharmacy, doctor’s office, etc. They should have record of the details of the COVID vaccines received and in turn should be able to provide a replacement card and/or details of your immunizations.

V-safe can help you access your vaccine information if you previously registered for it and input your vaccine information.

If you cannot contact your vaccine provider, contact the California Department of Health Immunization Information System:

Call: (800) 578-7889

Web: California Statewide Immunization Information System

Email: CAIRHelpdesk@cdph.ca.gov


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