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Dave Roberts Says Mental Health is Everyone’s Business

Manager of the LA Dodgers, Dave Roberts, recently invited members of Changing Tides (CT)  to attend the Dodgers’ Spring Training in Arizona to discuss all things mental health. In a statement to the CT Crew, Dave talks about his support of Changing Tides’ mission, as well as his own personal commitment to mental health as an athlete and a member of the AAPI community.

Read Dave’s statement to the CT Crew below:

Mental health is everyone’s business. 

I am so grateful for everything that Changing Tides is doing to reduce mental health stigma in the AAPI community. The work you do is selfless and often behind the scenes but so very important. I know it’s hard to do things that people can’t always quantify. It’s easier to do things you can point to and say, I made a difference. But how do you quantify the commitment and hard work that goes into providing services and bringing conversations around mental health to the forefront? Sometimes you can’t – the work and the impact doesn’t always translate on paper. It’s so much harder to be able to take that giant leap of faith and to do the things that you’re doing and to continue doing them because you really believe in it and because you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do. 

I am so proud of you, Changing Tides. My commitment to mental health is both personal and professional. I’ve openly shared that I’ve accessed therapy to strengthen my personal well-being and to process the many emotions we all experience as human beings.  If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, isolated or lost, you’re not alone. The challenges we’ve all faced, particularly through the last 3 years, are real. Reach out for help.

Professionally, as part of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ commitment to mental health, we partnered with LA County’s WhyWeRise campaign, to reduce mental health stigma. We’re also committed to supporting mental health in other ways. We treat our players as people first – we are there for them to support them on and off the field. For example, Andrew Toles is a brilliant ball player who has openly shared his personal and mental health struggles. He is part of our Dodger family and we are committed to making sure he gets the access to care and treatment that he needs. So, I truly believe that Changing Tides and the LA Dodgers are aligned on opening up the conversation about mental health to ensure needed access to treatment and care.  

Keep up the good work, Changing Tides.  I am so proud to be connected with an organization that is reducing mental health stigma and saving lives in the AAPI community.

Dave Roberts

Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers


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