Tribute Messages to Dean

“In memory of Dean and all he gave to the world. His life and spirit is a wonderful example of service and brotherhood. We are so blessed to have you and your family as neighbors. Sincerely, Christopher and Natasha Liu”Natasha & Chris Liu

“In honor of Dean Matsubayashi’s extraordinary life and spirit.” Sarah and Stephen Fleischer-Ihn

“We honor LTSC and stewards of its legacy – Dean Matsubayashi, Alan Nishio and the Staff.” – Nikkei Progressives

“A great boss and dear friend who possessed passionate charisma, a witty sense of humor and a boundless creative and innovative mind.” – Yasuko Sakamoto

“Speaking on behalf of the Little Tokyo Community Council’s Board of Directors, we are forever grateful to Dean for his enduring contributions to our organization and to our community. His intelligence and savviness were only rivaled by his sense of humor, which we will remember with fondness and gratitude.” – Paul Abe, Doug Aihara, Kathryn A. Bannai, James Choi, Jan Fukuhara Dyck, Clement Hanami, Alan Kumamoto, Jeff Liu, Stephanie Nitahara, Irene Tsukada Simonian, Qris Yamashita and Chris Komai, Francis Cullado, Gwen Muranaka, James Okazaki

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