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*The Ping-pong class is cancelled on 6/6, 8, 10, and No ping-pong and Sculpt&Stretch classes between 6/20 and 7/15 due to the Summer events in the Budokan gym. Please check the CLASS SCHEDULE for the latest class schedule.

*卓球クラスは6月6日,8日,10日、そして卓球クラスとスカルプ&ストレッチのクラスは6月20日以降から7月15日までありません。最新のクラスの予定表はCLASS SCHEDULE をクリックしてご確認ください。

Prioritizing the health and safety of everyone, Far East Lounge will continue to be closed until further notice. However, many Far East Lounge classes have moved to the new community gym, Terasaki Budokan that can provide the adequate space.

Currently, FEL programs offer 10 in-person classes at the Budokan, and virtual chair exercise classes via zoom.

Please check the calendar to see our current class schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact FEL@LTSC.orgcreate new email or 213-621-4158.

Effective November 8, 2021, all participants who are admitted to the indoor activities in the Terasaki Budokan gym, must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or proof of negative test within 72hrs to prior to entry.




もしも質問等ございましたら、FEL@LTSC.org または 213-621-4158までご連絡下さい。


Far east lounge by Little Tokyo Service Center


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