Far East Lounge




Located in Little Tokyo’s Far East Building, the Far East Lounge (FEL) is a multipurpose gathering space for seniors and others to connect and enjoy activities that promote wellness.

Free and low-cost activities at Far East Lounge include classes in language, arts and crafts, music and more.

Do you enjoy sipping tea with friends? Making arts and crafts? Do you want to learn to speak English or Japanese? Are you looking for ways to keep your mind and body active? Perhaps with mahjong, sewing or Tai Chi? Are you interested in classes to help you live a healthy lifestyle and protect yourself from financial scams?

We encourage you to stop by, learn, play, relax, exercise, volunteer and meet interesting people of all ages at FEL. FEL’s activities are organized by interest and age group. While we emphasize senior-oriented activities, we offer something for everyone. Check our calendar for the most up to date class schedule. Each instructor’s schedule varies.

FEL is also a space for gatherings, workshops, cultural and community events. Please inquire about rental opportunities and use of the FEL space for community activities.


Reach out to us today.