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Finding Strength and Regaining Hope

artwork from kosumosu family

Artwork made by a child living at Kosumosu, LTSC’s transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence.

I decided to leave the relationship. I had injuries on my body and needed to go to the hospital. I felt helpless, and sad,” shared Mei. When Mei immigrated to the US, she had no family nearby and struggled with English. Since her husband forbade her from getting her driver’s license, it was difficult to find a job or make social connections. She endured physical and emotional abuse and felt scared and hopeless. Despite this, Mei courageously left the relationship to keep herself and her children safe, determined to regain her independence and rebuild her life.

Mei found the Center for Pacific Asian Family (CPAF), a nonprofit providing in-language support for API survivors of domestic violence. They provided Mei temporary shelter before referring her to Kosumosu, LTSC’s transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence. When Mei arrived at Kosumosu, she finally felt safe, and as she settled in, she was surrounded by people who truly cared for her wellbeing. “I was impressed that LTSC staff went out of their way to make sure my family was safe, and it showed that they really cared about us,” explained Mei.

While at Kosumosu, language classes improved her English and LTSC social workers helped her manage stress and anxiety. She also received case management, legal referrals, childcare referrals and rental assistance. Now, after graduating from Kosumosu’s temporary shelter into permanent housing, Mei has come a long way. “Kosumosu gives survivors the tools, but it is up to each woman to dedicate herself to starting her new life,” explained Vivian Lee who oversees LTSC’s Kosumosu program. “Mei never gave up and she should be proud of what she has accomplished.”

With a stable job, housing and newly regained independence, Mei is looking forward to her future. “I have regained hope in life,” she told us.

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