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mi casa summer camp 2023

Good Times at Mi CASA Summer Camp!

Little Tokyo Service Center’s free after school program, MiCASA, runs during the school year at Terasaki Budokan. MiCASA serves local, low-income youth (ages 6-18), and many of the participants are residents in LTSC’s affordable housing buildings. During the summer, MiCASA shifts gears by turning into a camp program!

The campers had a fun-filled schedule throughout the five-week program, with activities including photography, karate, dance, soccer, weekly field trips, and more!

We connected with two long-time MiCASA participants to see what they like about camp.

Caleb (pictured left) says his favorite thing about the MiCASA summer camp is, “the amount of people there is, the amount of activities [we] do, and generally how welcoming the environment is. They encourage you to do a lot of things and they teach you new things. You can make friends, learn new hobbies, or ask the people who work here if you’re interested in one of the activities they do.”

Komiko (pictured below, right) answers, “My favorite thing is the gym and the playground [at Terasaki Budokan] because [those are] the places I get to express myself and who I am. And…I get to hang out [with my friends here] and not be alone.”

The campers had a great time at Camp MiCASA, and we look forward to seeing MiCASA’s participants again when the after school program resumes! To see the MiCASA campers in action, check out our recent Instagram Reel!

To lear more about Mi CASA’s after school program and summer camp, visit:

To find out more about Budokan’s programming, check out our website where you can browse our diverse collection of activities, events and programs. Whether you want to try our all-ages Taiko class or youth basketball academy, Budokan has everything you need to stay active and connected. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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