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Frequently Asked Questions

Little tokyo service center Takachizu exhibit for +LAB
What is +LAB?

+LAB is an initiative of LTSC. Through +LAB, LTSC teams up with artists and arts institutions to find imaginative ways to empower the Little Tokyo community.

What is the goal of +LAB?

LTSC seeks to bolster the important work of artists and arts institutions while gaining fresh insights and discovering new solutions to apply in LTSC’s own community development efforts.

How is +LAB different from other Little Tokyo arts programs?

+LAB is unlike other arts organizations and groups. Its purpose is to enhance the important work of community-minded artists and institutions, while exploring the potential of merging their efforts with LTSC’s community organizing work.

How is +LAB funded?

+LAB is funded by a Community Development Investments (CDI) grant from ArtPlace America. LTSC was one of six organizations selected for the program, which explores how community-based organizations—not previously focused on arts and culture—can make the arts a sustainable part of their work.

How can artists and arts institutions partner with +LAB?

We are interested in opportunities to partner with community-minded artists and institutions. For more information, please contact Grant Sunoo at gsunoo@ltsc.org.

How does +LAB fit into Little Tokyo’s long-standing arts and culture ecosystem?

+LAB supports the arts and culture ecosystem through partnerships and collaborations with local artists and institutions. These partnerships result in mutually beneficial projects that enhance both artistic, cultural and community development outcomes.


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