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February 2017 Issue

LTSC Strongly Opposes Measure S

LTSC Strongly Opposes Measure S

The ACT LA: Alliance for Community Transit Los Angeles press conference to oppose Measure S

By passing Measures JJJ and HHH this past November, Angelenos overwhelmingly voted for solutions to the crippling housing crisis facing our city. Thanks to voters, LA is poised to build tens of thousands of new affordable apartments.

Measure S rolls back this progress before it can get started. Measure S will stop virtually all new housing construction, including most affordable housing, which will block much-needed middle-income housing in the nation’s least affordable housing market.

We urge LA voters to stand with renters, communities of color and low-income residents and vote NO on Measure S on March 7.

LTSC Proudly Displays Wall of Solidarity

LTSC Proudly Displays Wall of Solidarity

LTSC staff and the Wall of Solidarity

In December 2016, hundreds united in Little Tokyo for a vigil and march in solidarity with Muslim Americans, immigrants and other groups targeted by reckless presidential campaign rhetoric. Those on hand were asked to write messages of support for concerned communities, forming a “Wall of Solidarity.” Following the vigil, the wall was displayed at U-Space before being moved to LTSC’s Casa Heiwa. Next up, the wall traveled to the Japanese American National Museum.

Support For Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Support For Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Support For Gender-Neutral Restrooms

LTSC is committed to complying with gender-neutral restroom legislation (Assembly Bill 1732), signed into law by Governor Brown last year. “We recognize the importance of AB 1732 and enthusiastically support it,” said LTSC’s Executive Director Dean Matsubayashi. “We look forward to being in full compliance.” The measure, which goes into effect in March, will require that all single-occupancy public restrooms in California be designated as gender neutral.

New Year Party in Little Tokyo

New Year Party in Little Tokyo

Supervisor Hilda Solis with Little Tokyo senior residents

Little Tokyo Senior Residents Association held its annual New Year party for Little Tokyo senior residents on Wednesday, January 25. Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis stopped by to wish everyone a Happy New Year. There was plenty of musical entertainment from the Little Tokyo senior ukulele club and the Far East Lounge flute class. After a great lunch everyone had fun playing bingo.

Mochitsuki Pound Off Challenge

Mochitsuki Pound Off Challenge

Team LTSC at the OCO Mochitzuki Pound Off

To ring in the New Year, LTSC staff and volunteers competed in the Orange Coast Optimists Club’s Mochitsuki Pound Off Challenge at Tanaka Farms in Irvine. LTSC’s Budokan project assembled a team of over 20 for the annual kagami mochi-making contest. While LTSC’s entry did not prevail, team members had a great time eating delicious loco moco and other traditional New Year delicacies.

+LAB Takachizu Events

+LAB Takachizu Events

Participants at “Staying Home” (left), and “Gardens of Little Tokyo” presentation (right)

In January, LTSC and partners presented two engaging programs as part of the +LAB Takachizu project. Takachizu is a public workshop focused on identifying the cultural treasures of Little Tokyo.

On January 14, LTSC joined KCRW’s “Going Gray in LA” and the Chinatown Community for Equitable Development to host the program “Staying Home.” Residents of Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Lincoln Heights and other concerned participants gathered for a heartfelt conversation about keeping one’s home in the face of gentrification, rising rents and eviction. The discussion was translated into English, Japanese and Cantonese and featured artwork from FORM follows FUNCTION, Las Fotos, Fonografia Collective and the Anti-Displacement Artists Network.

“Gardens of Little Tokyo,” was held on January 22. Local gardeners, as well as friends interested in learning about the practice, reflected on the history and future of local gardening, while also swapping practical tips.

Planning Your End-of-Life Care

Planning Your End-of-Life Care

Thoughtful planning regarding your end-of-life medical treatment can ease the burden on your loved ones and help them honor your wishes should you become seriously ill. LTSC uses a popular and easy-to-complete form called “Five Wishes” to guide you in your decisions about your care. The form is available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese and recommended for anyone 18 or older. LTSC also offers workshops to explain Five Wishes, so please contact us if you are interested.

#MyFSN Poster Contest

#MyFSN Poster Contest

RJ Quiralta (runner up, adult category); Kimsun Wong (winner, adult category); Xeandric Ross (winner, youth category); Angelica Villegas and Jen Cienfuegos (duo artists, adult category); Steven Dornbusch (adult category) and Steve Nagano (runner up, senior category)

All submissions for the #MyFSN Poster Contest are currently on display at LTSC’s Far East Lounge storefront. Last year, LTSC’s +LAB, the Little Tokyo Community Council, Sustainable Little Tokyo, and other stakeholders invited artists to design posters celebrating Little Tokyo’s sole historically preserved block, First Street North.

A talented group of artists participated, each lending their own creative interpretation of the rich history and importance of preserving the First Street North block. Thanks to all those who submitted their art and congratulations to our winners: Xeandric Ross (youth), Kimsun Wong (adult), and David Monkawa (senior).

The Far East Lounge is located at 353 E. First Street Los Angeles CA 90012. +LAB is LTSC’s creative community development strategy, utilizing collaboration and experimentation to advance Little Tokyo’s power over its future.

Staff Farewells

Staff Farewells

Staff Farewells

2017 started out with a few farewells to some of our favorite staff. We will miss you all!

Scarlet Sy, our Director of Finance for 13 years, saw LTSC through the merger of its two organizations and the dark days of the Great Recession. We will miss Scarlet’s exceptional dedication to LTSC.

For the last 4 years, Remy De La Peza, Director of Planning & Policy Counsel, worked tirelessly to preserve Little Tokyo’s unique heritage and keep it accessible for all. We wish Remy safe travels on her new adventure.

Walter Morita joined LTSC to lead its Property Management department in 2012. Under his leadership LTSC made significant changes to its business model. We wish Walter the best in his well-deserved retirement.

Edgar Gonzalez was a faithful part of LTSC’s maintenance team for 4 years. We will miss his friendly smile around the office. Best of luck to Edgar in his new position!

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