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January 2019 Issue

LTSCene will launch a year-long “Inspiring Stories” series

As we usher in 2019, the Year of the Boar, LTSC wishes health and good fortune to all of our friends and supporters.

In many ways, 2018 was a tumultuous year—with our headlines dominated by various crises in U.S. and world politics. Now more than ever, it is important to focus on the compelling stories that show the strength and character of everyday people and the positive change we can create when we work together.

Next month, the LTSCene will launch a year-long “Inspiring Stories” series with some of our favorite stories from LTSC programs. We hope you will find them as uplifting as we do.

Stay tuned,

Dean Matsubayashi
LTSC Executive Director

LTSC Celebrates the Holidays

Prudential Lighting holiday partyJanuary LTSCene Newsletter

Prudential Lighting holiday party

The holidays are a time for joy and hope. LTSC believes everyone deserves the chance to celebrate and feel valued. Through a series of partnerships, we were proud to organize several events to make the holidays a little brighter for participants in our diverse programs.

Thanks to multiple community toy drives, LTSC’s Resident Services program shared gifts with more than 300 youth in our affordable housing communities. In just two days, with the help of 20 volunteers, we wrapped and distributed over 650 toys. LTSC also held holiday parties at Angelina Apartments and Casa Heiwa, with delicious tacos and games for children and adults to enjoy.

LTSC also held holiday parties at Angelina Apartments and Casa Heiwa

Clockwise from left: senior bingo holiday party, Angelina Preschool holiday presentation, Angelina Apartments holiday party

LTSC’s Resident Services staff is grateful for all our community partners: Changes in the Community, the Zumba group at Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple, Lumbini Child Development Center, Urban Land Institute YLG and Assemblymember Miguel Santiago who helped make all this possible.

Over at Angelina Preschool, students had the opportunity to meet Santa, receive a personalized gift and enjoy a special lunch, thanks to a generous donation from Prudential Lighting. Later in the week, the preschool held its annual holiday presentation, where a packed house of parents and families cheered their little ones as they sang and danced in front of their own hand-made decorations.

Finally, the Nikkei Basketball Association and LTSC’s Resident Services department continued a longstanding tradition of hosting a holiday bingo party for seniors. The event, which has been held for over 20 years, gathers enthusiastic seniors from the different LTSC affordable housing communities to try their hand at bingo, win gifts, partake in a delicious buffet and enjoy the companionship of good friends.

Budokan Campaign Thanks 2018 Donors

Budokan Campaign Thanks 2018 Donors

Budokan campaign staff members, from left: Mike Murase, Scott Ito, Adina Mori-Holt, Chris Aihara, Kim Kawasaki and Minako Ferrante

LTSC extends our deepest gratitude to all who have donated, volunteered and otherwise supported our efforts to build Terasaki Budokan in 2018.

In April 2018, we began the long-awaited construction of the $33.8 million sports facility in Little Tokyo. The 2-court gym and outdoor plaza, scheduled to open in early 2020, will be located on Los Angeles Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets.

When we broke ground nine months ago, the fundraising gap for the project was $4.1 million. Since then, you have helped close the remaining gap to $2.5 million. With your help, we can raise the entire amount before the grand opening of the facility–a wonderful community asset for future generations.

Please visit to donate, volunteer and learn more about our gym.

JA Community Foundation Supports LTSC’s South Bay Office

LTSC staff members greet visitors in the South Bay.

LTSC staff members greet visitors in the South Bay.

To serve the large population of Japanese American seniors in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, LTSC opened a satellite office at the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute in 2016. Since then, LTSC has been serving South Bay seniors who are unable to drive to Little Tokyo to receive services at our main office.

With a generous grant from the JA Community Foundation, LTSC will be able to expand its services at the South Bay office with more time for walk-ins, care management services and recruiting and training additional volunteers.

LTSC’s goals for the South Bay office are to help seniors maintain their economic security, help them age in place and maintain their independence. LTSC would like to thank JA Community Foundation for helping us achieve these important goals.

Through the Seasons: Secrets to Living a Long and Happy Life

Secrets to Living a Long and Happy Life

When Yonezo from Tokyo and Hatsuko from Imperial Valley met in 1940 they struggled to communicate. After 78 years (and counting) of happy married life, the couple shares their secrets.

Read their story on p.2 of the winter edition of Through the Seasons, LTSC’s Social Services Department newsletter.

Ceramacist Featured at 341 FSN Community Space

Ceramic artwork of Shoshi Watanabe for Shoshi’s General Store

Ceramic artwork of Shoshi Watanabe for Shoshi’s General Store

Small businesses are at the heart of healthy neighborhoods. They generate excitement, promote culture and create employment opportunities.

Recognizing the value of small businesses, LTSC supports @LASmallBizcubator, a collaboration between LTSC and the Sustainable Little Tokyo community initiative, which gives up-and-coming entrepreneurs the chance to use free pop-up space in Little Tokyo.

In January, @LASmallBizcubator will feature small business Shoshi’s General Store by ceramacist Shoshi Watanabe. Shoshi’s General Store will occupy LTSC’s 341 FSN, a collaborative and experimental space designed to explore community control and self-determination in Little Tokyo and at First Street North. Shoshi’s General store will be open Jan. 8-29 (Monday closed, Tuesday – Friday 4-10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday noon – 9 p.m.) Evening musical events will be held at 341 FSN with dates and times TBA.

In February and March, the Japanese American National Museum will use the 341 FSN space for media programming that celebrates “Bronzeville,” an African American enclave that formed in downtown LA to replace Little Tokyo when Japanese Americans were sent away to incarceration camps during WWII. Visual Communications and LTSC’s +LAB Artist Residency Program will also use the space later in the year.


Artist Residency Program 2019 Calendar Icon

Jan. 8-29 – Shoshi’s General Store at LTSC’s 341 FSN

Jan. 15 – Application Deadline for 2019 +LAB Artist Residency Program

Jan. 25 – 5 Wishes Workshop at Gardena Valley JCI


Thank you to all our supporters for your contributions last month!

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