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March and April 2020 Issue

How We’re Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

March and April LTSCene Newsletter

Covid Information

As the circumstances around coronavirus and COVID-19 continue to unfold, many people in our community are struggling mentally, physically and financially. We’re moving quickly to address the changing needs of our community by implementing many additional programs. LTSC, Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC) and Keiro have partnered together to start “Little Tokyo Eats” to deliver subsidized dinners to in-need Little Tokyo seniors three times a week. Additionally, because many people in our community have lost their jobs or had hours reduced, we’ve implemented a $100,000 emergency cash assistance fund which includes $53,000 from the California Community Foundation for our residents in need. LTSC is also assisting small businesses by connecting them to relief programs and setting up their online store, social media presence and take-out/delivery operations. To read more about how we’re helping the community and responding to the pandemic, please visit COVID-19 Information.

Organizations like LTSC stand at the front lines during an emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the social welfare and economic sustainability of people who are often overlooked. LTSC depends on generous supporters to carry out its various community projects, services and programs. Please support our efforts: Better Together

Little Tokyo Eats

Little Tokyo Community Council

Little Tokyo Community Council

Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC), Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC) and Keiro have partnered to start “Little Tokyo Eats” to deliver subsidized dinners prepared by restaurants in Little Tokyo and hand-delivered to low-income seniors in the community. Purchasing dinners from Little Tokyo restaurants provides small business owners with additional revenue and in turn, seniors in need purchase meals at a subsidized rate of $3.00 per meal.

“We feel that this public health crisis needs to be a team effort. There are so many needs in our community, we must come together to support the growing issues of our older adults. As we battle this pandemic, it will take all of us to unify and fight this deadly virus,” said Gene Kanamori, President and Chief Executive Officer at Keiro. 

To support this program and our other COVID-19 relief efforts, please donate to Better Together.

Delivering Groceries to Residents In Need

Delivering Groceries to Residents In Need

Delivering Groceries to Residents In Need

In addition to Little Tokyo Eats, we’re delivering fresh produce along with non-perishable food items to seniors and low-income residents, as well as families who are part of our childcare programs. 

We’ve partnered with the Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement (APIFM) to distribute fresh vegetables, eggs and more to residents while also supporting local farmers. For many at-risk populations, there’s a critical need for fresh produce because of the City of Los Angeles’ Safer-at-Home order. This partnership not only ensures that in-need residents have access to fresh food, but also the Asian American farmers in APIFM’s network can support their families and employees during this crisis. To date, we’ve distributed over 192 bags of produce to low-income families in our community. 

Also, we’ve ramped up efforts to increase donations of non-perishable items with a focus on Asian and Latinx foods along with personal hygiene products to our food pantry. LTSC maintains a food pantry to support the needs and dietary preferences of people in our community. These donations make sure those in our community always have access to culturally familiar, nutritious meals and supplies.

The 2019 Annual Report is Here!

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

We’re excited to present LTSC’s 2019 annual report of activities. The annual report provides a glimpse into the most memorable moments of the past year and spotlights some of the people we loved working with in 2019. Read up on one of Little Tokyo’s newest storefronts, CRFT by Maki, learn about how we’re compassionately caring for seniors and see how the LTSC Youth Group is empowering students to be college-bound leaders. We hope you enjoy these stories and others, along with our highlights from the past year! See the Annual Report.

Better Together

Better Together

Better Together

Follow us on social media as we present Better Together: Providing Help, Hope and Healing. This fundraiser launches today and will showcase the great work being done by LTSC staff and volunteers, highlighting the new programs implemented to support seniors, feed families and aid small businesses in Little Tokyo during this time for crisis. It will also help us raise the much-needed revenue to continue to carry out our COVID-19 relief efforts. We could not do any of this without you, to give please visit our donation page. #BetterTogether





LTSC in the News

Terasaki Budokan Nears Completion


Terasaki Budokan

Terasaki Budokan

The power is on at Terasaki Budokan! Turning on the lights marks a huge milestone for the big gym in Little Tokyo, and now the installation of the gym floor can begin. Twenty-five years in the making, Little Tokyo Service Center took the lead in planning for a community recreation center in 1994. In 2018, construction began on the building, and today work is nearing completion. When finished, Terasaki Budokan will be a two-story 39,000 square-foot facility featuring two basketball courts that convert to four volleyball courts along with space for martial arts. Additionally, there will be an outdoor plaza with stage, second-level terrace, children’s playground, courtyard, community room and underground parking. Learn more about Terasaki Budokan. 

LTSC Joines Healthy LA Coalition

Healthy LA

Healthy LA

LTSC recently joined the Healthy LA coalition, a network of 300 advocacy organizations uniting to propose concrete solutions to the many hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage you to contact your district’s elected officials and tell them the need to socially and financially protect millions of vulnerable Angelenos. Everyone’s well-being and our shared public health depend on everyone having housing, access to healthcare, along with job and food security. For more visit

Staying Close to Home: A Little Tokyo Coloring Book


Staying Close to home

Staying Close to home

Erica Rawles, Creative Strategist / Embedded Artist at Little Tokyo Service Center, made a coloring book to help entertain people currently sheltering at home. The book features scenes of Little Tokyo past and present. LTSC is distributing the book and colored pencils to residents and seniors and is available in multiple languages to download and print at home.





“I hope this coloring book provides you with a moment to relax and unwind. Whether Little Tokyo is your home, or right now, your home away from home, I hope the illustrations on these pages give you a small sense of comfort in an otherwise uncertain time,” says Erica in her note from the artist page in the book.

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