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May and June 2020 Issue

Bring about Positive Change: How an LTSC Resident Gives Back During her Time of Need

Brenda teaches a Zumba class

Brenda teaches a Zumba class

Brenda teaches a Zumba class.

Brenda is energized; she just finished teaching Zumba to a group of seniors in Little Tokyo. Brenda is a resident in one of LTSC’s affordable housing buildings  and a recipient of our emergency cash assistance fund. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, LTSC implemented a $100,000 emergency cash assistance fund, which includes $53,000 from the California Community Foundation for our residents in need. Because LTSC has helped her, Brenda wanted to give back and donated her time to instruct the Zumba class.

COVID-19 affected her husband’s ability to work, and her family of three began to struggle. Our Resident Services team has heard many stories like Brenda’s and set out to remedy the situation. “We’ve received economic help, as well as food. Each week we receive some food from the pantry. We’re so thankful,” said Brenda. “We are going through a very sad and painful situation. But we are strong. Every one of you (LTSC) is helping us so much, economically, such as with food. You’ve helped lift our spirit and made us feel that we aren’t alone. We are so thankful to all of you for your passion and time.” 

When asked why she wanted to teach Zumba, Brenda said, “I love the music and I love to share that emotion, so older people don’t feel sad and can have a moment of movement in their body and can destress from everything that’s happening.” With some of her financial stress alleviated by LTSC’s help, Brenda has more time to focus on caring for her family and giving back to others, like the seniors in the community who love her Zumba skills! 

Mi CASA in Little Tokyo

Mi CASA in Little Tokyo

Youth Group participants show off their artwork!

We are happy to announce the launch of Mi CASA in Little Tokyo, a free after-school program for community youth at Terasaki Budokan. Focusing on community, academics, sports and arts (CASA), this program seeks to support young people’s physical, emotional, and social health. Little Tokyo Service Center has provided after-school services for 20 years and we are excited to expand this much-needed program. Along with academic success, we want students in this after-school program to see themselves as active members in society with the ability to make a positive change in their neighborhoods.

For more information visit Mi CASA.

Terasaki Budokan Close to Opening!

Terasaki Budokan Close to Opening

Terasaki Budokan Sports Facility

Recently, the floor was installed and painted at Terasaki Budokan! It’s one of the last steps towards the completion of a facility that’s been twenty-five years in the making. Terasaki Budokan will be a home court for all including youth, families and seniors that offers sports, community activities, and opportunities to connect visitors to Japanese American culture and a vibrant, sustainable Little Tokyo. 

To see a live stream of the building’s construction, visit: Gilman Construction Media.


Rotary Club Donates to Little Tokyo Eats

Rotary Club Donates to Little Tokyo Eats

Rotary Club Donates to Little Tokyo Eats

Volunteers help pack meals. 

The outgoing President of the Little Tokyo Rotary Club, George Tanaka, wanted to support a cause in the community before leaving his position. He chose for the organization to donate to the “Little Tokyo Eats” program. The assistance covered the cost of 150 restaurant-prepared meals that were home-delivered to seniors in Little Tokyo. Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, LTSC, in collaboration with Keiro and Little Tokyo Community Council, has delivered meals three times a week to an average of 110 seniors per day. We thank the Little Tokyo Rotary Club for their support so we can continue helping seniors in our community.

Small Business Update

Suehiro Cafe

Suehiro Cafe

Suehiro Cafe is one of the many businesses supported by LTSC small business counselors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LTSC small business counselors have worked to keep Little Tokyo l businesses open during the pandemic. Offering services in Japanese and English, pre-pandemic,  small business counselors met with a business owner once or twice a week. Now, counselors are spending more one-on-one time with small business owners to direct them to relief programs, help adapt business models, establish a social media presence, and go over the logistics of delivery apps. 

 Suehiro Cafe, a mainstay on First Street, has been serving authentic Japanese comfort food since 1972, getting by with minimal marketing. LTSC worked with Suehiro, helping to amplify their online presence and purchasing dinners from them as part of the Little Tokyo Eats program that delivers meals to in-need seniors. Kenji Suzuki, Suehiro owner, said, “I would say right now LTSC is single handedly keeping Little Tokyo alive, kind of like a life support system. For us Mariko [Lochridge, LTSC small business counselor] has helped us in every way possible. From various marketing strategies to actually bringing us physical orders for us to fill. We’ve seriously considered closing, but with her help, we are able to stay open.”

 The Blooming Art Gallery is another Little Tokyo legacy business. Because of the COVID pandemic, they were closed for two months. However, when they decided to re-open, LTSC helped the owner set up a Facebook account, explore options for an online landing page, and helped create a temporary point of sale with Cafe Dulce for a Mother’s Day special. When asked about the impact of the current situation, the owner, Naoko Ikeda, says, “It is very difficult to manage anxiety and fear by yourself. I’m having a hard time because I don’t know how to apply for all the grants and loans quickly. But then when I started to get help from the community — just the warm support from the Little Tokyo Service Center and other volunteers has really made me feel a little better.”

Lending a Helping Hand

Little Tokyo Community Council launched the Little Tokyo Eats program

Little Tokyo Community Council launched the Little Tokyo Eats program

When the pandemic hit, LTSC, Keiro and the Little Tokyo Community Council launched the Little Tokyo Eats program to provide affordable, culturally familiar meals to low-income seniors in Little Tokyo while also supporting local small businesses. Little Tokyo Eats has been serving the community for eight weeks now with the support of volunteers who help hand-deliver meals door-to-door three times a week. It truly takes a village to meet the needs of our community. Check out our stats that continue to grow.

An Update on Our Next Affordable Housing Project

The 3D “fly-through” of Santa Monica and Vermont. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, LTSC has been quick to implement programs that ensure our community is fed, safe and active. But, we are still thinking about the long-term betterment of our community and the city. This month, we secured three key pieces of funding, tax credits and bond funding only remain before construction can start on our Santa Monica and Vermont Project. 

Last year, LTSC filed an application with the City of Los Angeles to develop approximately 190 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing above roughly 20,000 square feet of commercial, community, and service space at Vermont Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Also, the East Hollywood Business Improvement District and the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council (EHNC) both voted to support the project. 

Recently, the architects of the complex sent us a 3D “fly-through” of the project. We want to share this video with you to give an idea of what it will be like to walk through the building! 

LTSC on Spectrum News 1


Erich Nakano and Alex Cohen

Erich Nakano was recently featured on Alex Cohen’s Inside the Issues

Erich Nakano was recently featured on Alex Cohen’s Inside the Issues from Spectrum News 1. He shared how LTSC has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by starting the Little Tokyo Eats program and the Better Together campaign. Little Tokyo Eats helps feed Little Tokyo seniors in need while also supporting local restaurants. The Better Together campaign seeks to raise funds further for direct COVID-19 relief to benefit those in our community. Check out Erich’s interview at Spectrum News 1. You can still support our COVID-19 relief efforts by visiting our campaign and donating to the Better Together.

Thank you to the Wells Fargo Foundation

LTSC social service staff deliver food to seniors in Little Tokyo

LTSC social service staff collect and deliver food to seniors in Little Tokyo.

In March, when the Safer at Home order began, LTSC quickly adapted its operations to address the COVID-19 crisis. Since then LTSC has been working tirelessly to meet the needs of seniors who had to self-isolate, families that lost their incomes and small businesses that saw their customers disappear.

LTSC would like to thank Wells Fargo Foundation for its support of our efforts. With a recent generous grant from the Foundation, LTSC has been able to meet the unprecedented need with new programs and innovative services for seniors, families and small businesses. 

LTSC is proud to have Wells Fargo Foundation as a partner as we work together to help the community get through this crisis.

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