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October 2017 Issue

Don’t Miss the Asian Small Business Expo

FREE Events for Small Businesses







The 18th Annual Asian Small Business Expo, organized by the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program (API SBP), will be held on Saturday, October 14 . This free event features workshops, business advice and networking opportunities. The keynote speaker will be Jonny Hwang, Founder of 626 Night Market. Please click Asian Pacific Islander for more details. U.S. Bank is the Title Sponsor of the Expo, which is also supported by over a dozen other sponsors.

Earlier this week, API SBP also announced the winners of the 1st Annual API SBP and U.S. Bank Business Plan Competition. The winners were: Clementines Mandarin Preschool, owned by Michelle Kim and Nancy Ray (1st place); Porta Stepper, a low-impact portable exerciser by Ying Butler of YZY Global LLC (2nd place) and Bar-B-Qusion, a Kansas City BBQ and smoked meat fusion food truck by Josh LaQuet (3rd place).

Farewell to 100 Year-Old-Building on Terasaki Budokan Site

Community art in the VIDA building

Community art in the VIDA building

LTSC welcomed members of the community to tour the 100-year-old VIDA Group warehouse, which will soon be demolished to make way for the multipurpose sports and community center Paul I. Terasaki Budokan. The building was previously owned by the VIDA Group manufacturing company before becoming a temporary home for LTSC’s +LABTakachizu community treasures exhibition. Guests had the opportunity to view the building, enjoy food and refreshments and leave artwork on the building’s interior with non-toxic spray paint.

LTSC Senior Services Get Boost from Keiro Collaboration

The collaboration will enhance programs at LTSC’s Far East Lounge.

The collaboration will enhance programs at LTSC’s Far East Lounge.

For decades, LTSC and Keiro have provided health and mental health-related services and programs for Japanese American and Japanese older adults and their caregivers. In September, the two organizations announced a partnership initiative to expand and enhance LTSC’s existing bilingual services, while integrating Keiro’s experience, knowledge and resources.

Check out Our ‘Sake at First Street North’ Video

LTSC’s signature annual sake and food tasting fundraiser

Relive the excitement of LTSC’s signature annual sake and food tasting fundraiser with this highlight video. LTSC’s event funds a broad array of the organization’s programs that promote “positive change for people and places.” LTSC chose First Street North as the location and theme of the 2017 event to draw attention to an important community issue—the fate of the neighborhood’s historic First Street North block. The video was produced by Travis Zane Media.

Hollywood Independent Church Generously Supports LTSC

Hollywood Independent Church Generously Supports LTSC

LTSC is honored to be the recipient of a generous donation from the Hollywood Independent Church UCC. The church closed its doors last November after 100 years of service to the community. Congregation members nominated 22 organizations to share in the church’s assets. LTSC is proud to be a part of this esteemed group of community organizations selected. Please see The Last Service of the Hollywood Independent Church  for a story about the last service at the church.

Through the Seasons: Hiring A Caregiver

Through the Seasons: Hiring A Caregiver

Through the Seasons: Hiring A Caregiver

Seeking help from a professional caregiver can ensure a family member receives excellent care, while allowing the family to focus on quality time together and forging lasting memories. LTSC’s monthly Social Services newsletter Through the Seasons (p.1) offers tips for finding the right caregiver.

LTSC Joins DC Rally Against Hate Violence

Rally against hate violence near the U.S. Capitol

Rally against hate violence near the U.S. Capitol

Asians, Arab Americans and immigrants across the country woke up to a new reality in which their safety and security were irrevocably compromised. Members of LTSC’s leadership joined a rally against hate violence in Washington, DC, organized by the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD) and South Asian Americans Leading Together. LTSC stands with allies against racism, Islamophobia, and hate and in support of a safe America for everyone.

Bank of the West Supports LTSC’s Affordable Housing Work

Bank of the West Supports LTSC’s Affordable Housing Work

Vermont and Santa Monica Metro station

LTSC recently received a grant from Bank of the West to support the organization’s work on the Vermont-Santa Monica Center Project. When completed, this project will provide much needed affordable housing in the East Hollywood community within walking distance of the Vermont and Santa Monica Metro station. Other benefits of the project include reduced auto use and greenhouse gas emissions, increased transit ridership, and improvements to the bus shelters, bike storage areas and streetscape.

LTSC wishes to thank Bank of the West for its support of this innovative transit oriented development project in East Hollywood.

LTSC and Coalition for a Just LA Urge Support for Housing Measure

LTSC and other Coalition for a Just Los Angeles members visited City Council

Coalition for a Just Los Angeles members

LTSC and other Coalition for a Just Los Angeles members visited City Council offices to stress the urgency of passing an affordable housing linkage fee. The measure would charge a fee on new construction in order to raise millions of dollars to address LA’s troublesome housing crisis. In addition to explaining the importance of the linkage fee, coalition members circulated a new position paper warning against proposed amendments that could reduce the effectiveness of the measure.

Shin-Sen-Gumi Restaurant Donates Part of Festival Proceeds to Budokan

Sayaka Shigeta of Shin-Sen-Gumi presents a check to Hiroko Higuchi of LTSC.

Sayaka Shigeta of Shin-Sen-Gumi (left) presents a check to Hiroko Higuchi of LTSC.

LTSC’s Social Services Department and Paul I. Terasaki Budokan team were invited by Shin-Sen-Gumi to participate in the restaurant’s summer charity festival in the South Bay. The event, which featured carnival games and delicious Japanese street foods, offered LTSC the opportunity to share information about its various programs with a diverse audience. “We are very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuyasu Shigeta for allowing us to interact with so many young Japanese-speaking families,” said Hiroko Higuchi, community engagement coordinator for LTSC’s South Bay office. Shin-Sen-Gumi also generously donated a portion of the proceeds of the event to Terasaki Budokan.

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