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September 2017 Issue

A Message From the Executive Director:

Remembering Our Values During Turbulent Times

Two national news stories—the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia and the fate of thousands of young adult immigrants who are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program—struck at the core of our principles as an organization…

LTSC Celebrates Nisei Week

LTSC Celebrates Nisei Week

Budokan supporters in the Nisei Week grand parade

Whether marching the streets of Little Tokyo in the grand parade or hosting special workshops on cosplay and furoshiki wrapping, LTSC staff and supporters joined in 77th Nisei Week festivities.

An LTSC contingent marched for opens in a new Paul I

Top: Imperials Purple team members; bottom: Far East Lounge workshop activities

An LTSC contingent marched and held banners to show support for Paul I. Terasaki Budokan, a new multi-purpose sports facility and community center for Little Tokyo, at the grand parade. They were joined by the Imperials Purple, a dominant women’s basketball team of the 1970s and 1980s. Youth from LTSC affordable housing units also participated, marching on behalf of LA 2028, the successful bid to bring the 2028 Summer Olympics to Los Angeles.

At the Far East Lounge, LTSC invited guests to explore the limitless world of cosplay. Two “Transformation” workshops, celebrated cosplay, the Japanese pastime of assuming the identity of fictional characters through costume and role play. Participants of all ages learned about cosplay and manga (a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels) and enjoyed face painting, a photo booth, and dressing in yukata (a traditional Japanese garment).

Finally, LTSC’s Director of Service Programs and the Budokan campaign Mike Murase taught a popular workshop on furoshiki, traditional Japanese gift wrapping cloths, at the Far East Lounge. The program was organized by Murase, Go Little Tokyo, and the Little Tokyo gift shop Bunkado.

Life-Saving LTSC Affiliate to Hold Gala Fundraiser

Life-Saving LTSC Affiliate to Hold Gala Fundraiser

Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M), an organization fiscally sponsored by LTSC, improves the health and welfare of patients with blood cancers and blood related diseases through support services and recruitment of potential donors. Since ethnicity is a determining factor in finding a match, A3M works to grow and diversify the Be The Match Registry by focusing on underrepresented ethnic communities.

In the past 25 years, A3M has given hope and a second chance at life to numerous patients. One patient A3M has assisted recently is Aaron Lee, a 33-year-old stage IV Lymphoma patient. Because of Aaron’s mixed Chinese and Jewish heritage, finding a suitable marrow donor presented a challenge. A3M launched an aggressive campaign for Aaron, earning publicity for his case, holding close to 40 drives and adding over 1,500 donors to the Be the Match Registry.

We hope you will support A3M’s life-saving work by attending the organization’s Starnight 2017 Annual Gala on Saturday, October 7, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach.

Terasaki Budokan Bowling Fundraiser Draws Over 400

Terasaki Budokan Bowling Fundraiser Draws Over 400

Young 2017 BoLAthon participants

Over 400 people gathered at The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas to participate in the 9th Annual Sansei Legacy BoLAthon, a Las Vegas bowling fundraiser for LTSC’s Paul I. Terasaki Budokan. Participants hit the lanes to support the Terasaki Budokan project, which will bring a new multi-purpose sports facility and community center to Little Tokyo. The annual fundraiser is held in conjunction with the Hollywood Dodger youth basketball tournament.

LTSC celebrated groundbreaking for Budokan on Aug. 3, 2017. LTSC continues to seek contributions to stay on target and ensure the ongoing sustainability of the facility. You can support Terasaki Budokan by making a donation today or by purchasing tickets for a chance to win a 2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid (winner announced Nov. 13, 2017 at Seoul Sausage).

MUFG Union Bank Foundation Supports LTSC

MUFG Union Bank Foundation Supports LTSC

Grand Opening of Casa Yonde in Koreatown

LTSC was awarded a 3-year grant from MUFG Union Bank Foundation’s Expanding Housing Opportunities Program. With this multi-year operating support, LTSC will continue its work on six affordable housing projects with four partners to build over 500 units of housing. The housing will be developed in the Arts District, Koreatown, Little Tokyo and East Hollywood.

The MUFG Union Bank Foundation is committed to expanding access to affordable housing, particularly for low- and moderate-income individuals and households. The Foundation believes that stable housing is essential to strong and vibrant communities and it is the platform for economic prosperity.

“We are truly grateful for the long-term support of MUFG Union Bank Foundation as they partner with us to build more affordable housing in Los Angeles,” said Dean Matsubayashi, LTSC’s Executive Director.

LTSC would like to thank the MUFG Union Bank Foundation for its commitment to addressing the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles.

FREE Events for Small Businesses

Make sure to catch two excellent events for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The first is a free 8 session training program, presented by LTSC and the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program, for start-up and entrepreneurs who want to learn about better operations and practices. The sessions run from Sept. 25 through October. Please click Entrepreneurial Training Program for more details.

The second event is the 18th Annual Asian Small Business Expo on Oct. 14, organized by the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program. This free event features workshops, business advice and networking opportunities. The keynote speaker will be Jonny Hwang, Founder of 626 Night Market. Please click Asian Small Business Expo for more details.

Through the Seasons: Parenting

Through the Seasons: Parenting

Through the Seasons: Parenting

The relationship between parents can have a signficant impact on childhood development. Tension at home can produce various emotional and physical affects for young children. Read more in the summer 2017 installment of the LTSC’s Social Services newsletter Through the Seasons (page 3).

LTSC Calls for Affordable Housing Relief

Affordable housing rally on steps of City Hall

Affordable housing rally on steps of City Hall

In August, LTSC and other affordable housing advocates backed a measure to help fix LA’s severe housing crisis. LTSC participated in a rally and hearing to support a linkage fee ordinance, which would charge a fee on new construction in order to raise millions of dollars for affordable housing. LTSC staff spoke about the urgent need for relief and importance of ensuring enough funding ($150 million annually) is raised to make the measure effective.

The City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee voted unanimously to support the draft measure, which will next receive further review by that committee and possibly the City’s Housing Committee before a vote from the full City Council.

LTSC Volunteers Complete Training

LTSC Volunteers Complete Training

Social Services volunteers

Volunteers for LTSC’s Social Services department completed a three-day volunteer training program last month. The volunteers were actively involved in the training, which covered their role in serving Little Tokyo, the broader Japanese American community, and others in need. The training program was capped with a potluck.

LTSC benefits from the contributions of many enthusiastic volunteers who help with everything from answering client phone calls, to actively listening to socially isolated seniors, providing translations, performing data entry, conducting workshops and classes and more.

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the training.

Shop at Ralphs and Support LTSC’s Youth

Shop at Ralphs and Support LTSC’s Youth

Shop at Ralphs and Support LTSC’s Youth

Your purchases at Ralphs can benefit LTSC’s afterschool program. Step-by-step website registration instructions can be found at, click on Community, click on Community Contributions, click on ‘Enroll Now.’ If you don’t have computer access, please call Ralphs at 1-800-443-4438 for assistance.

You must re-register each year for Ralphs Community Giving Program! Please re-register today.

If you have any questions call Julie at LTSC 213-473-3027.

Green Tip

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Check the pressure of your car’s tires once a month. Under-inflated tires lower gas mileage.


Thank you to all our supporters for your contributions last month!

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