LTSC's Response to AAPI Hate - Little Tokyo Service Center

Updated May 26, 2022

LTSC’s response to Anti-Asian Hate

With daily doses of uncertainty, isolation, fear and death, an unprecedented wave of mental health issues has emerged during the pandemic. Among Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, the impact is profound, particularly against the backdrop of Anti-Asian violence, which amplifies both vulnerability and trauma. The psychological upheaval of the past 2 years has wreaked havoc, with increased incidents of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and suicide.

How LTSC is helping:

Mental Health Services:  Adults and Seniors

LTSC provides direct support services to seniors, adults and young adults in the community who are impacted by anti-AAPI hate crimes, harassment and the anti-AAPI climate:

Individual counseling for

  • Victims of hate crimes and bystanders to address their emotional trauma
  • Those who are showing signs of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress order due to the anti-AAPI climate.
  • Care management for victims who are experiencing trauma due to anti AAPI harassment.

LTSC offers counseling and mental health services

LTSC offers counseling and mental health services

Mental Health Services: Young Adults

The associated stigma of the pandemic and increase in Asian hate crimes has added to the reasons for why support for Asian American mental health care is vitally urgent. LTSC’s program Changing Tides is providing:

  • CT Stream, a stipend program to cover costs for non-acute therapeutic services for those seeking therapy for the first time and/or for those currently unable to afford the costs of therapy
  • A wide variety of programs to continue the conversation surrounding mental health and mental health stigma within the AAPI community including workshops, art projects and gatherings.

changing tides crew

changing tides paint night

Senior Programming: Safety

Seniors are aware of the anti-AAPI incidents that are occurring throughout the country however; they cannot remain locked inside their apartments. LTSC helps seniors safe:

  • Self-defense classes and social activities to keep them engaged and aware
  • Developing leadership skills among residents, business owners and stakeholders to advocate for a safer, more pedestrian friendly neighborhood and to strengthen the social fabric of the neighborhood.

senior safety classes

senior safety classes

Senior Programming: Activities

Keeping seniors socially engaged prevents the debilitating effects of social isolation and fears about the pandemic and AAPI harassment. LTSC is providing:

  • Far East Lounge, organized class instruction for the senior residents of Little Tokyo at Teraskai Budokan
    • Gentle exercise, ping pong, computer learning, yoga, Ukulele, Zumba, Tai Chi, music, flower arranging, journaling, gardening, puzzles, arts and crafts, English classes
  • Opportunity for in-person socialization
    • Morning café gathering space

seniors socialize at the morning cafe senior activity

seniors take part in a zumba class

senior chair exercises

Community and Economic Development

Because community control and self-determination is a key component of racial justice, we will continue lending our expertise to economic development and housing projects throughout Los Angeles.

ltsc groundbreaking ceremony for affordable housing

ltsc ribbon cutting cremony

Coalition Building

We will continue to support AAPI Equity Alliance and Stop AAPI Hate and advocate for the use of federal money to support grassroots racial equity work.

coalition building

Finally, all of LTSC’s work is informed by the understanding that incidents of AAPI hate are rooted in white supremacy. Consequently, LTSC is committed to working with communities of color and will continue to position our work within the broader context of the movement for racial justice and social change.

ltsc works to empower communities of color

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