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Bringing ‘Ohana to Terasaki Budokan

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“In Hawaiian culture, we get everyone involved. We love bringing our voices together, because our voices matter,” explained Keali’i Ceballos, Kumu Hula of ‘Ohana Hula at Terasaki Budokan.

‘Ohana Hula invites dancers of all ages and skill levels to learn authentic hula and how to tell stories with their bodies, while embodying the beauty and history of Hawai’i. Classes at Budokan started earlier this month and Keali’i is excited about the opportunity to share his culture with Little Tokyo and neighboring communities. LTSC is proud to have ‘Ohana Hula as part of its cultural and artistic programming at Budokan.

For the Kumu Hula, or master teacher, the pandemic lockdown presented new challenges for him and his students, as the opportunity to get together and perform became scarce. When he was approached about bringing Hula to Budokan and performing at the Grand Opening, Keali’i was overjoyed.

“When Ryan Lee told me about the Budokan Grand Opening, I thought, wow, this is exactly what the community needs. We’re starting to reacquaint ourselves with each other in person and resocializing ourselves, so what better than to bring ‘Ohana to perform,” said Keali’i. “Doing this in person…we feel their energy and they feel ours, as we tell our stories.”

Keali’i is excited for the opportunity to partner with Budokan to share his culture with new students, and invites all to come and take part in the easy impact dance classes.

“The Budokan is giving communities the opportunity to come… partake in all the programming that’s being offered and a chance to really get to know our neighbors. No matter how close or how far they are, we’re calling upon them to come and be a part of what we have to share and offer,” explained Keali’i.

Classes take place on Saturday morning from 11 AM to noon and are open to all ages and skill levels. To sign up or get more information about Hula classes at ‘Ohana Hula at Terasaki Budokan, visit:

Terasaki Budokan Grand Opening Highlights

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