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Peter Gee Joins Little Tokyo Service Center as Director of Service Programs

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Little Tokyo Service Center is excited to announce our new Director of Service Programs, Peter Gee (he/him). As LTSC’s Director of Service Programs, Peter will lead service programs core to the organization’s mission and roots as a social service agency including care management, mental health services, Changing Tides, homeless services and senior services– just to name a few. He will also serve on the Executive Management Committee, the organization’s staff leadership team.

Peter comes to LTSC with a wide breadth of expertise in human services. After graduating from UC Berkeley and earning his master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University, Peter served the community for over 15 years in various senior leadership roles at human service and community development organizations in New York City. His career led him to work with a diversity of populations from rent-regulated immigrant tenants to people living with serious mental illness to systems-involved youth and young adults. Most recently, Peter transitioned into a second career as a Registered Nurse, with a BS in Nursing from NYU and licensing in New York State, Minnesota, and California.

LTSC is thrilled to have Peter return to Little Tokyo to serve our mission. While in high school, Peter served as an intern for Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (a former LTSC program) and the Terasaki Budokan campaign (an LTSC project). As Peter has stayed in touch with many of us at LTSC over the years, he says returning to LTSC brings his career full circle and is like “coming home.”

Peter is next in a long line of excellent Directors of Service Programs, including Yasuko Sakamoto, Mike Murase, and Margaret Shimada. Margaret, who retires on March 31st of this year, will be working side by side with Peter during this transitional period.

To be honest, I was worried we would not be able to find anyone for this position, given the tremendous legacy Margaret leaves when she retires. Several of us had stayed in touch with Peter since his early days working with us, and so when I found out he wanted to apply for the position I was absolutely thrilled - and as he hit the ground running since coming on board, our expectations were proven correct!

- Erich Nakano, LTSC Executive Director

“I am excited to be joining the team at Little Tokyo Service Center. Even though LTSC has grown to be a nationally-recognized community development and social service organization, it has never forgotten its core mission and values. It is an honor to follow in the footsteps of community icons Yasuko Sakamoto, Mike Murase, and Margaret Shimada. In this transition, I look forward to meeting with community members and partners to hear how LTSC can continue to be on the forefront of addressing immediate social service needs.”

- Peter Gee

I enter this next chapter of life (retirement!) with great joy and peace of mind, knowing that the future of LTSC's Service Programs are in Peter's very capable hands. He will be supported by an absolutely stellar department management team and incredibly dedicated staff who will carry forth LTSC's mission and Peter's vision to further enhance services and programs. I'm excited about what lies ahead for LTSC and will continue to support Peter and the Service Programs team during this transition period and beyond.

- Margaret Shimada, LTSC Director of Service Programs

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