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Providing Tools for Success

For Jackie Hernandez, moving into Casa Heiwa with her family at the age of 5 was life-changing.

LTSC’s affordable housing provided programs and services to Jackie and her family, fostering a sense of support and belonging throughout her upbringing. Now, at 26, not only has she discovered her passion for working with kids, but she’s also formed a support network that surpasses anything she believes she could have found elsewhere.

“A core part of LTSC’s resident services is providing youth with opportunities and experiences to allow them to create their own paths forward,” said Nancy Alcaraz, LTSC Director of Resident Services, highlighting LTSC’s commitment to empowering youth.

After attending the Casa Heiwa after-school program as a child and the summer mentorship program as a teen, Jackie’s journey came full circle when Nancy encouraged her to apply for an AmeriCorps internship with LTSC’s Mi CASA after-school program – an opportunity to give back to the very organization that played such a pivotal role in her life.

“My favorite part of my AmeriCorps position was working with the kids. I looked forward to the hands-on experience, being present in the after-school program, and helping the kids with their homework,” Jackie shared. For 10 months, Jackie worked with youth residents from LTSC’s housing, often leading art workshops that eventually sparked her interest in pursuing an art therapy career. “I think if I didn’t have LTSC, I wouldn’t have the same support. Being here for so many years and getting all their help impacted me in a really positive way. They make us feel like we’re family.”

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