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Launch of South Bay Nikkei Directory Website

Launch of South Bay Nikkei Directory Website

     We’d like to announce the launch of a bilingual South Bay Nikkei Directory website,!

This digital directory will be updated regularly and will be accessible to all.
     The South Bay is home to the largest Japanese American and Japanese national populations (collectively called Nikkei) in the mainland United States.  Numerous Nikkei groups, services and programs are concentrated in this area. However, since the South Bay Nikkei community is a unique community without a center, the community has been disconnected.
     Beginning last year, ten Nikkei organizations representing both Japanese American and Japanese-speaking organizations started meeting to discuss how we can get to know each other better and collaborate. Those who came together identified a bilingual directory to gather information on various Nikkei groups active in the South Bay as the highest priority. As we gathered the information, we found out there are more than 100 nonprofit organizations providing activities and services in the South Bay Nikkei community, and we reached out to each one. 50 organizations responded. They helped provide information to create this website which can be considered a virtual “hub” of the South Bay Nikkei community which we hope we will provide needed resources and linkages.


Published in Through the Seasons 2019 Summer Edition.

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