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How LTSC Helps Small Businesses

Through our collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration, Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program and LA Metro, LTSC helps provide assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in Little Tokyo and throughout Los Angeles County.

Counselors based at LTSC hold free one-on-one consulting sessions, networking opportunities and hands-on workshops for small businesses owners and others embarking on business ventures. While assisting Little Tokyo and Nikkei businesses is a priority, counselors also welcome clients from other communities in LA County.

dora hanamure quote: “Thanks to the community and LTSC's support, (our) business is still opening and keeping things alive and going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Meet Small Business Counselor Megan Teramoto

LTSC paired a team of UCLA students studying in the MBA program

Megan Teramoto (right), helps the owner of the Mitsuru Sushi & Grill as part of the Little Tokyo Eats program.

Megan Teramoto, having grown up in the greater Los Angeles area, has spent much of her life in and around Little Tokyo. As a fourth-generation member of the St. Francis Xavier Japanese Catholic Center, Megan, and her family feel very connected to the Little Tokyo community. Before working for the Little Tokyo Service Center, Megan worked for the City of LA as a Field Deputy. In this role, she served as a liaison between the community and City services. Currently, Megan works to support the small businesses in Little Tokyo as a small business counselor and provides assistance with any day-to-day issues.

Please contact Megan Teramoto at mteramoto@ltsc.orgcreate new email if you are interested in learning more about LTSC’s services for small businesses.

Meet Small Business Counselor Mariko Lochridge

Mariko Lochridge (far left), with Zon D’Amour, Michelle Hanabusa, Mylen Yamamoto and James Choi at an LTSC workshop about launching your own business.

Mariko Lochridge recently moved to Los Angeles from Tokyo, Japan. She was previously a news journalist, covering stories for Reuters and working for the Japanese national network Nippon Television as a breaking news producer. Mariko was also an online video and special events consultant for adidas, Volvo, Rakuten and Le Cordon Bleu.

Mariko works with small business clients across LA County, specializing in video production coordination, business plan creation, community outreach, social media marketing, time management and public relations.

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