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Stop Anti-Asian Violence

Stop Anti-Asian Violence

Stop anti-asian violence. standing against anti-asian racism means standing against all racism.

The alarming escalation of hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans is deeply disturbing and unacceptable. Our community’s history in America is littered with racist policies, violence, and anti-Asian harassment from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 to the Japanese American Concentration Camps of the 1940’s and many more.

The attacks in the Bay Area are just the most recent examples of anti-Asian hate in America – fueled by the racist and inflammatory rhetoric from the past administration’s reaction to the pandemic. As of February 9, 2021, Stop AAPI Hate (the nation’s leading coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian hate and discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic) has received over 2,808 firsthand accounts of anti-Asian hate from 47 states and the District of Columbia and 126 accounts of anti-Asian hate involving Asian Americans over 60 years old.* Seniors in our Little Tokyo community are among those who have filed reports. If you witness or experience anti-Asian hate incidents, please report it to Stop AAPI Hate at 

LTSC condemns these hate crimes and recognizes that, although recently incited, they stem from a larger system and history of racism that has widely impacted all communities of color. Standing against anti-Asian racism means standing against all racism. Our organization is founded on values of social justice and equity, and we lean into those values as we push forward against this most recent iteration of racially-motivated injustice.

LTSC is honored to be included in a group of SF, LA, and NY organizations receiving funds from the ‘Support the Cause Against Anti-Asian Violence’ grassroots campaign, dedicated to strengthening resources for Asian communities in light of the recent spike in anti-Asian violence (particularly against elders). We remain committed to helping seniors, uplifting communities of color and building a more equitable society.

Here are a few ways you can support the AAPI community:


*Statistics from Stop AAPI Hate’s Press Release: New Data on Anti-Asian Hate Incidents Against Elderly and Total National Incidents in 2020.


LTSC also joined organizations representing Asian American communities across the nation to release a statement rejecting criminalization and retribution, and calling for responses addressing the root causes of racial violence. Click here to read more. 


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