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Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence to Build Healthy, Independent Lives

When she moved into KosumosuLTSC’s transitional shelter for survivors of domestic violenceKanako* was ready for a fresh start. She told an LTSC social worker, “Every time he yelled that I was useless, threatened to take away my children and pushed me down, I felt numb. I thought shikata ga nai (it can’t be helped) … I didn’t understand that I was a victim of domestic violence.” 

Originally from Japan, Kanako married her husband, Josh* in the U.S., and soon after they had two children. When Josh had trouble keeping a job, their finances quickly unraveled and the family moved into a homeless shelter. Eventually Josh left the shelter, leaving Kanako to raise their two small children alone. 

When Kanako’s case manager at the homeless shelter approached LTSC to inquire about housing, LTSC helped her apply for a unit at Kosumosu. There, Kanako was provided counseling services and educational workshops so she and her children could start healing from their emotional wounds. 

“Thanks to the counselors and social workers, I now understand how important self-care is,” Kanako reflected. “I also learned that it’s okay to ask for help.”

At Kosumosu, the staff focus on both the current state of their clients and their long-term well-being. Kanako took advantage of many of the workshops and programs offered; now, she and her children have moved into permanent housing.

LTSC empowered Kanako to build a healthy, independent, violence-free life for her and her children, and enabled her to pursue her dream of higher education. Kanako recently completed a college application, writing down her home address for the first time. Such a simple act, but one filled with pride.

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