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Tad’s Legacy: Leaving a Gift that will Continue to Create Positive Change



LTSC is fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors steering the organization’s mission and making sure its programs are meeting the needs of the people it serves. Sadly, in 2020 we lost one of our valued members, Tad Yoshimura, to cancer. Tad served on LTSC’s Board of Directors for 4 years as the Treasurer and chair of the Finance Committee, making sure that LTSC’s finances were in good health. 

His loss was felt by LTSC as well as his close friends and colleagues, like Daniela, who had known Tad for close to 30 years. The two developed a close friendship, as they grew their company, Diamond Realty Investments, starting out as the firm’s 2 original hires, to now employing close to 40 employees.

tad“For me, Tad was the kind of person that you could talk to about anything. I will remember him for his kindness and humor, always joking to make difficult situations lighter,” said Daniela. “Tad had always been very charitable, and was passionate about LTSC and its support of the Japanese American community. That’s why our company always donated and sponsored LTSC’s Sake festival– Tad loved going to those events.”

Even though Tad is no longer with us, his dedication to LTSC remains evident. Tad left LTSC a generous gift in his will, with the hope of helping those less fortunate by supporting LTSC even beyond his life.

“Tad and I were friends for 45 years and I know LTSC was close to his heart. As executor of his estate I am so glad that his gift is going to help people who are in need,” explained Alvin, Tad’s friend. “With his gift, Tad wanted to help LTSC make and implement plans for the future.”

LTSC is directing Tad’s gift towards projects and programs that will use the financial boost to serve more clients. To show our gratitude for Tad’s generosity, LTSC will be honoring him at our upcoming Sake on the Rocks fundraising event.

“Tad was a really dedicated Board member. He attended almost every meeting, all of our major events, and gave very generously to LTSC over the years.  Tad was always very humble and low key, but his actions in support of LTSC and our work spoke loudly.  Even after he became sick, he continued to attend meetings and events, sometimes looking a little gaunt and tired, but always positive.  His contributions and heart will be sorely missed, but he leaves us a legacy that will continue to support our mission for years to come,” explained Erich Nakano, Executive Director of LTSC.

Though the loss of Tad was felt deeply by LTSC, we will do our best to honor Tad’s legacy, by helping those in need. With Tad’s gift, we strive towards strengthening our community by providing resources for those who need help and nurturing the next generation of leaders and change makers. 

If you would like more information about including LTSC in your will or estate plan and becoming a Legacy Partner, please click here: https://www.ltsc.org/planned-giving/

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