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Teacher Highlight: Jeung Park and Sun Ja Lee

sun ja reads to children

LTSC is grateful for the amazing teachers that we work with, both at Angelina Preschool and the Family Child Care (FCC) providers we partner with! 

We spoke with two FCC providers, Sun Ja Lee and Jeung Park. They help our community by providing quality care for young children and supporting their early childhood development.  FCC providers own and operate their own child care business, and LTSC provides support by distributing resources and referring potential students.

The first week of May is Teacher’s Appreciation Week, so don’t forget to thank your teachers!


Meet Sun Ja Lee and Jeung Park!

Sun Ja Lee

Sun Ja Lee

Jeung Park

Jeung Park

Why did you decide to become a childcare provider?

Sun Ja: Since I have 3 children of my own, I wanted to find a business where I could work at home and also care for my own children. I started this daycare job when my youngest child was 7 months old. 

Jeung: I wanted to be a teacher from a young age, and I liked young children so much that I have been a Sunday school teacher since high school. My father was also respected as a teacher at the National School for the Blind and Deaf in Korea, and I looked up to him very much. Therefore, I decided to become a great teacher for my children.

Jeung playing with children

How has being a FCC provider positively impacted your life?

Sun Ja: With the same heart I had while raising my own children, I have also developed a loving heart in caring and providing for other children as well. The first 5 months of a child are the most crucial times for development. I feel a lot of responsibility and a sense of duty for caring for these children during this crucial time in their lives and helping them develop into honorable citizens in the future.

Jeung: There is a proverb in Korea that says, ‘The habits learned at three years old last until eighty’. As someone who exerts a great deal of influence in [the children’s] growth process, I believed I should be a bright and positive person. I worked to change my lifestyle and view to be more positive. As a result, my life changed positively.

What’s your favorite aspect about being a FCC provider? 

Sun Ja: My favorite aspect of being a FCC provider is seeing the overall growth and development of the children who were struggling when they first started attending the daycare. I could truly see that the effort and time I put into caring for them has been worthwhile for their development. 

Jeung: Being able to work with children is one of its greatest charms. To have children running to me like chicks and hugging me, calling “teacher” by my side makes me feel that there is still someone who needs me, and I love all of these things.

sun ja showing kids fruit tree

How has LTSC been able to support you and your daycare? 

Sun Ja: LTSC has been able to support me and my daycare by providing licensing information, resources needed for academics, and resources used for creating an ideal environment to teach and educate the children (ie: toys, furniture, books, etc.) We are so thankful for LTSC and all of the important resources, updates, and information that has allowed our children to receive the best quality education. We are also so thankful for LTSC for allowing our daycare to be at the best quality.

Jeung: LTSC has supported the lives of me and my children over the years. They spared no effort to support all necessary aspects for daycare centers like finances, fixtures, and facility supplementation. Thus, we were able to concentrate on caring for children in a better environment. Especially for children from families with financial difficulties, LTSC was like their godmothers. 

What are you most proud of at your daycare? 

Sun Ja: Since the ages of our children differ drastically, they are able to experience and be exposed to a smaller version of the bigger society they will enter into in the future. They have an early opportunity to learn from children of different age groups and are encouraged to grow in their skills needed for society. I am proud that our daycare could provide this type of social environment for the children. 

Jeung: This is a positive change for children. What we do is not just play with them and take care of them. We need to help them develop good personalities and habits from an early age. There are many lessons, such as how to greet people properly, organize yourself, and disagree with friends. The interaction between the teacher and the child is also very important. I am happy and proud to see the parents happy to see their children doing well.

jeung playing with little boyWhat would you like others to know about your daycare? 

Sun Ja: Our daycare has a very systematic and diverse curriculum created for each age group that attends our daycare. We have a playground facility that was created to help the children develop their fine and gross motor skills. We also frequently communicate with the parents by sharing on our blog, updating our parent group messenger daily, and holding regular parent teacher conferences. We also provide parents with a monthly newsletter to inform families of our planned curriculum for the month as well as providing them with information about parent seminars and conferences. 

Jeung: I want people to know that, not only me, but all FCC providers are second parents who help children grow up right. My daycare has great staff who work hard to help children in every way to make them happy.

Would you recommend becoming a FCC provider to others? 

Sun Ja: Yes, I would recommend becoming a FCC provider. I have received many benefits and resources that helped me create a high quality daycare. I would love for others to also receive the same benefits and resources that I did, to help improve the overall quality of their daycares. 

Jeung: Being a teacher for young children not only makes you feel like a necessary person in society, but also helps you live young with a pure heart. You see the growth and development of your children and feel that you are a very special person and have positive values.

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